Let’s Get Around . . . with Missoula Maps


I love maps. It doesn’t matter if it’s a world map, neighborhood map or a fake treasure map. Ever since I was a kid, I surrounded myself with all the maps I could find and imagined what adventure lie in wait on the other side of a line or in the orange or blue land mass of a foreign country. Maps are full of promise, of place and of perspective. They can help us get where we want to go and tell us where we’ve been.

For commuters, maps are helpful for navigating through unfamiliar territory, or they can give us new ideas for getting to work or school. We use them to show our friends and visiting family what Missoula looks like at glance. “Here’s how you get to the Good Food Store,” we might say. Or to a fellow cyclist, “Watch out for the pothole heading south on this street.”

Just this week, Missoula Parks & Recreation unveiled a new city map featuring local landmarks, City and county parks, bicycle-pedestrian routes, and for the first time, detailed maps of City Open Space and other local recreation areas. The 24×36-inch full-color map is available at Currents (600 Cregg Lane) and other local retailers for $4. Proceeds from map sales will go to fund future editions of the map and the development of a web-accessible edition. Sales will also fund the Parks & Rec’s “Share the Fun” youth recreation grants.

If you want something especially useful as a cyclist, the Missoula Bicycle-Pedestrian Office publishes the Missoula Bicycle Map, which is available for purchase at City Hall (Tip: these maps are half price during Bike/Walk/Bus Week!). Available in both fold-out and rolled versions, the map highlights the City’s bike lanes and routes, and is a nicer version of this map.

A fun map I like to give to people visiting Missoula for the first time is the Discovery Map of Missoula. It is intended to help people find the best places to shop, stay, eat and play in the city. They are available for $2.95 each, with free shipping.

Lastly, another map I find myself accessing often is Mountain Line’s Bus Route and Schedule. This maps shows which buses will take you where you need to go and what time you can expect them. Print versions are free and available at the Mountain Line Bus Station or on any bus. An interactive planner and PDF versions of the map are available on the Mountain Line website.

And don’t forget, maps make great stocking stuffers – for yourself, a friend or a loved one. Happy Commuting!


Ryan Newhouse has pedaled through thousands of miles of Missoula’s streets and trails as a commuter, long-distance cyclist, recreationist and former city bicycling ambassador. Although he now works from home, he still uses two feet or two wheels to push or pull himself and his daughter around town.  Back to Ryan Newhouse Blog home page or check out Ryan’s own blog.