Missoula Needs Snow Angels


As snow has finally blanketed the streets, trails and sidewalks of Missoula, the City and the Bicycle-Pedestrian Program Manager are asking everyone to do their part to keep the sidewalks in front of their property cleared of snow and ice.

Missoula’s network of sidewalks is used by many, and they should be free of the dangers of snow and ice, especially to protect the elderly and those in wheelchairs.

Missoula law requires residents and businesses to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice by 9:00 AM after each snowfall, and they must keep them clear throughout the day. Any person may notify the City at 552-6345 if a specific sidewalk has not been cleared by that time. If the sidewalk has not been cleared after notice has been given, and it has been inspected by a City official, the property owner may be billed for a contractor to clear the sidewalk on their behalf.

Of course, when shoveling snow and ice off the sidewalks, it is also important to keep the mounds of snow out of the bike lanes and roadways, as it is against City ordinance to impede those areas too. And use caution if applying chemical deicers containing chloride, as they may damage concrete surfaces.

Lastly, be neighborly to one another. If you are healthy and able to clear your own sidewalk, extend a helping hand and assist those who may not have the means to shovel snow and ice.

Keeping our sidewalks clear is not just the law, it’s a basic courtesy for all those who use them. Even a small amount of snow or ice can make walking or wheeling very difficult. It’s our City. Let’s take care of it!