The Benefit of Home Infusion Services to Patients in Missoula, Montana

Medications and treatment therapies continue to change with research and clinical studies. One of the treatment options that is on the rise is the use of infusion therapy. In the past, this therapy was done in a hospital or clinical setting, but today it is commonly done in the patient’s home.

Infusion therapy is recommended for a range of different types of medical conditions. It is most often used to treat serious or chronic types of infections, congestive heart failure, immune disorders, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease. However, there are many different types of treatments that include the use of infusions, including treatments for pain management.

Patients in Missoula, Montana, can request home infusion services. These infusions are provided by a nurse who comes to the patient’s home rather than the patient going to the hospital or clinic. Reviewing the benefits of having the infusion at home can help you decide if this is the best option for yourself or a loved one.

Increased Comfort

People are naturally more comfortable and relaxed in familiar settings. Going to a hospital or a clinic, even a local health facility in the Missoula, Montana, area can be upsetting and unsettling to patients.

This is particularly important for elderly patients who may have anxiety or distress when leaving home. Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s may become very upset or disoriented when outside of their familiar settings. Having the nurse come to their home or residence eliminates this additional stress.

Less Cost and Time

Patients do not have to worry about getting to the hospital or clinic, which may include having to arrange for transportation. In addition, the nurse arrives at the scheduled time and remains with the patient throughout the infusion, which can last several hours. This eliminates waiting times at clinics and hospitals, which can significantly add to the time required for the process.

For both the patient and the provider, having the infusion in the home is both a cost and time-saving factor.

Less Risk of Exposure in Times of COVID Concerns

COVID is still a risk and concern for people with chronic health issues or compromised immune systems. Choosing at-home infusion services avoids the need to go to a clinic or hospital and risk possible exposure to people who may have COVID or other contagious diseases.

Trusted Professionals

Working with a trusted home health care service in Missoula, Montana, ensures patients have peace of mind that a licensed, professional nurse will provide the infusion therapy.

In many cases, the nurse will become a familiar visitor to the patient’s home, adding to the comfort level of the procedure. The nurse will answer questions, monitor the patient during the procedure, and provide information to the patient on what to expect after the infusion.