What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Do you know what never goes out of trend? White and sturdy teeth. Beauty trends come and go, but the dream of achieving a perfect smile and glassy white teeth is still highly relevant even in these days and times. That is why general dentistry procedures are always in-demand. No one can help you achieve your dream smile better than the dental experts themselves.

A great cosmetic dentist will not only perform the procedures expected to give their patients their perfect smile, but they will also discuss why these procedures are required for them. In VIPcare dental’s Tampa cosmetic dentist, competent professionals will help you choose the procedure that would best suit your teeth’ current condition and provide you with excellent customer service throughout your sessions.

To help you choose the proper treatment, we have listed down some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that will help you achieve the shining, shimmering, splendid teeth of your dreams.

Dental Veneers 

Achieving perfect white and shiny teeth is not some kind of mission impossible these days! Say goodbye to the old and hard-to-achieve ways of getting your teeth whitened and start considering the easier, more effective way by having dental veneers. For generations, dental veneers have always been considered as “standard” in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are light porcelain shells that integrate over the front part of the tooth and are helpful for individuals who have dark discoloration on their teeth that cannot be made better even by bleaching.

Need not worry about it hurting, as dental veneer procedures are pain-free and straightforward. The only thing you need in this treatment is patience, as the waiting game is part of the overall process. Your tooth’s outer layer is delicately shaved down, and an impression is then taken from it. The impression will be delivered to a dental lab to be turned into your custom veneers perfectly fit for your teeth. You will be fitted with temporary veneers till the permanent version arrives from the lab.

Teeth Bleaching/Whitening

Teeth bleaching or whitening is still one of the most popular cosmetic dental operations because of its quick treatment times, cost-effective characteristics, and rapid influence on the appearance of your teeth. The procedure doesn’t require much time and goes under the needle so everyone can have it. The best results for whitening treatments are usually obtained if done by professionals inside their clinics, even if there are quite a few legit dentist-approved take-home bleaches available in stores that allow you to do it yourself.

Depending on what type of teeth whitening procedure you choose, you may be able to brighten up the appearance of your teeth by a span of two to eight applications. The effects of dental bleaches, however, are temporary. But, they can last for a few months, depending on how you make an effort in ensuring your teeth are properly taken care of.

Transparent Braces

Need some orthodontic treatment but too conscious to wear braces? Transparent braces might be the perfect procedure for you. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can treat misalignments that cause pain, such as headaches. The advantages make this process cost-effective and worth every penny per session.

The estimated cost, if you ask, of invisible braces differs depending on the situation and the item. Inside braces will be more budget-friendly than traditional ones, but ceramic and transparent ones may be marginally more pricey. Nevertheless, transparent braces are an excellent choice for individuals who easily get conscious with their teeth as it will look like it’s not even there!

While all of these procedures are effective and guaranteed to bring out the best in you and your smile, it is still a requirement that you ask your dentist’s opinion and respect their professional opinion.