Massage Chairs for Pain Relief – Does It Really Work?

Our daily lives often cause a lot of stress in our body, which has physical effects, including pain. Maybe your job requires you to be sitting for long periods with poor posture or to be standing for most of the day. Maybe you have children and playing and holding them is putting additional pressure on your back. Regardless of the source of your pain, one of the best solutions to overcome this issue is to have a massage as often as you can and need it.

Evidently, visiting a professional masseuse on a regular basis is not feasible for everyone, as it can be costly and time-consuming. In lieu of this, you can opt to invest in a massage chair, so that you can have a massage anytime you need one. In this article, we will discuss whether massage chairs really work for pain relief, to help you decide whether you should buy one to help with your pain.

They Reduce Stress

One of the main causes of pain is the muscles and skeletal system being excessively tight and overworked. Having a massage can reduce the levels of stress and pressure on your muscles by stimulating the blood circulation in the areas of pain. Evidently, massage chairs can work the back area the most, as this is what their intended purpose is. However, the back is a very important part of your body, and any relief to this area will reduce stress and pressure on other parts, including the neck and the legs.

Your Skeletal System May Improve

Your skeleton system essentially comprises all of your connective tissues, including the bones, ligaments, and joints. These are often the source of pain all over the body, particularly if your muscles are strained, as this will put additional pressure on your skeleton. Occasionally the compression from excessively stressed muscles can get your bones to be pulled out in unusual places, which will result in discomfort and pain. Various massage chairs are able to stretch and rub the painful parts of your body where your muscles are too tight, and soothing them will help relax your skeletal structure. Removing this pressure will support the alignment of your spinal cord, which is a usual source of back pain.

Offers a Good Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Empirical health studies show that around 75% of adults suffer from lower back pain in one form or another and at different levels. In some cases, individuals have to live with this condition permanently and treat it as a chronic health issue. Pain in the lower back is caused by a number of different reasons, with the most common being poor posture and even hormonal issues.  Having a massage on a regular basis can help improve mobility as well as managing the pain and they are actually a therapy recommended by doctors. Massage chairs can offer you the ability to get a massage if you feel pain, and the pros at suggest that you read expert reviews for different massage chairs so that you can find the one most suitable for your needs. Using a massage chair regularly will not only help your pain short-term, but it may also improve the overall condition in the long-term.

Decreases Stiff-Neck Problems

Believe it or not, the neck is a common source of pain, which often results in headaches. The majority of massage chairs are able to focus on the neck and shoulders, which means they are effective in soothing pain and discomfort from a stiff neck and reduces headaches caused by this issue. Additionally, a lot of stress is stored in this area, therefore massage chairs are a great solution for relieving stress in the body – massaging this area also releases dopamine and serotonin, which are known as ‘happy hormones’ as well as endorphins that are associated with pain relief.

It Helps The Muscles

Massaging the muscles improves lymphatic flow, which results in improved blood circulation and also adds flexibility to the muscles. Stretching is very good for the body and it can prevent pain in certain areas, by using a massage chair, your muscles get the stretch they require in order to have increased flexibility and will be more relaxed as well.

They Are Consistent

A massage may be a great way to soothe your pain, although it should be evident that you will need more than one massage regularly in order to actually feel the difference long-term. Massage chairs are available in your home consistently, meaning that you are able to get a massage anytime you want and the pain is more likely to be relieved.

Getting a massage is one of the therapies recommended by doctors due to its efficiency in treating pain. Massage chairs can provide users with these benefits without even leaving your home. The information discussed above will shed some light on how massage chairs relieve the pain in your body.