Want to Increase the Size of Your Breast? Here are Your Options

Is it possible to increase your breast size? Most certainly, it is. The majority of women would want to have the perfect body, and some would find that beauty in a perfectly shaped chest region which can be flaunted. One of the options, medically speaking, is to simply undergo a surgery called breast augmentation

During a breast implant surgery or breast lift surgery, the surgeon will place silicone, saline, or other material depending on the quality, under the breast tissue to make it appear larger. To know more about a breast lift procedure, you can consult experts who do breast augmentation in West Palm Beach, FL or breast augmentation in Exton, PA.

There are also other ways which can help you achieve bigger breasts. Some are natural, while others are not. If you are the one who would like to achieve such a goal, here is some advice on which options you have. 


Breast enlargement supplements exist, and yes, they can help you get larger breasts. The majority is made from natural ingredients, so as a result, they do not offer any side-effects. So there is no need to be worried in case you are. It would be wise non the less, to consult your doctor before you use any supplements, even if those are breast enlargement pills, just to make sure if you are fit for the treatment. The majority of side effects, like allergies, can come from lotions or creams. For that reason, it would be wise to do educated research first. Also, it is recommended that you use essential oils if you go on that route, such as lavender oil, olive oil, tea tree, and massage your breasts 10 times a day. 


Speaking of massage, it is one of the most effective ways to increase your breast size. There are certain benefits that come alongside using oils, creams, and lotions on your breasts. If you are unsure which ones to use, here are some examples: 

  • Olive oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Fennel
  • Flax oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Breast enlargement cream

Also, it is important to get the massage done in the right way. If unsure, these simple steps will give you a clue on how to get one done.

  • Move your hands circularly around both of your breasts
  • Join them together while massaging
  • Every day, the process should be repeated around 10 times in order to get the best possible result. 

Work Out

Exercise is one of the best ways to enhance your breast size in a natural way. It will not only make you healthy and fit but as a plus will be more than effective. Also, it is an inexpensive way to gain a larger cup. Your pectoral muscles should be targeted for this.

They are located right under your breastbone and under your breasts. By exercising these muscles, you will have perkier and firmer breasts as a result. You can do a simple investigation online on which exercises are the best for pectoral muscles, and here is one example. 


One of the natural healing agents for thousands of people is yoga. Mind and body are united while practicing it, and can help you to counter diseases that come from “within”. When it comes to making breasts seem larger, yoga can actually help with this task. 

Specifically, these three types can assist your breast enlargement goal. Ustrasana, Bhujanasana, and Dwikonsan.

  • Ustrasana is a camel pose in which you kneel facing your head to the ceiling while bending your back to touch your feet. The recommendation is to repeat it 10 times. As a plus, this pose will also benefit you by reducing your arms, tightening the fat, and blessing you with good digestion.
  • Bhujangasana is known as a cobra pose in which you are listening down on your stomach while joining your foot straight on the floor. Your hands should be placed on your chest. This pose should also be done around 10 times every single day. 
  • Dwikonasan, or the double angle pose asana, includes locking and stretching both your arms backward while standing. Also, arms should be bent until you touch your knees. If you want a big cleavage, this exercise gives the best result. 

Some women have gained two whole cup sizes overnight in the early stages of their puberty, while others did not. No matter what the case is, and what the size of your breasts is, they are still beautiful. 

Although, if you are not feeling content with their size, then, something must be done. Hopefully, these options will be useful to you, especially if you are not in a situation to spend enormous amounts of money on cosmetic procedures which can be rather expensive and take a long time to recover from.