How to Ensure and Actually Enjoy Sobriety?

Staying sober is usually the hardest part of the way towards full recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. It’s no secret that the majority of addicts simply “quit living”, or better to say, they live with only one purpose – to use. When they start the return to normal life, they face numerous challenges trying to cope with frustrations triggered by cravings, awareness of big mistakes made in the past, and plenty of other abuse-related issues. 

If you are one of those who have embarked on a steady path towards recovery from a substance abuse disorder, then do not forget that you have already done a great deal of work to get to the point where you are now. Do not let your effort turn into a big waste of time – you can do better. Believe it or not, you are closer than ever to your desired goal, you just need to learn how to ensure and enjoy sobriety. Here you have it – tried and true tips to help you stay sober.

Know Your Enemies

Just as it is with everything else in life, you have to know your enemies to be able to fight them and win. Addiction is no different, that’s why the first thing you should do is to identify all the triggers that can get you into trouble. Experts from Coastline Behavioral Health, a famed addiction treatment center widely known for its holistic rehab programs, explain that it is actually the most difficult part for the majority of their clients. Not only to be able to recognize people, things, places, and situations that activate cravings or generate certain thoughts and emotions related to substance use but also avoid all those triggers as the biggest risk for sobriety.

Learn To Read Signs

The warning signs of upcoming relapse. It begins long before you actually find yourself sipping a drink or looking for old “friends” in the well-familiar location. Learn to read these signs to stay on the right path or otherwise, all of your previous efforts were for nothing. If you notice that your addictive thinking patterns or compulsive behaviors are back, if you see drinking alcohol or using drugs as a reasonable way to solve your problems or kill pain, then you need to seek help from your family or therapist and try to get rid of these thoughts. 

How? Usually, the most sustainable option is to physically distance yourself from people and places that pose a danger to your well-being and enjoy the company of your true friends and family members who sincerely love you.

Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle

Physical activities are great mood boosters able to help you recover not only physically but also emotionally. A healthy lifestyle can be a real game-changer – get enough sleep, try to eat healthy food, incorporate workouts into your daily routine, and find an engaging hobby. 

Find New Friends

Well, even though it is much easier to say than to do, you will face the necessity of building new relationships. All chances are, your past relationships were seriously infested with incredibly toxic mold and you may find it hard now to connect with people who do not know what you have gone through. Do not be afraid of building new healthy relationships, and if you do not know where to start and how to meet new people, try to do it through your hobby. 

It is also a good idea to get a dog – a kind of a win-win combination where you get the most devoted friend you have ever had with a heck of a lot of responsibilities that will keep you busy and free from negative thoughts.

Stick With The Schedule

If you haven’t made it yet, it is time to create a schedule and squeeze in all your daily and weekly activities. If at the beginning you won’t have that many responsibilities to put on the list, try just to structure your day – meals, workouts, reading, walks – the point is to get to the organized life. Sticking to the schedule will help you to achieve this goal.

Depending on your recovery program, you have a certain number of stages to complete in order to be able to move forward. It is important to celebrate your achievements, you will just need to find your perfect way to do it. Treat yourself to a scrumptious chocolate cake, fancy gadget, or whatever you think is an appropriate reward for your braveness and commitment. Now when you get your life back, it is much easier to ensure and enjoy sobriety.