Proven Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Healthy

Do you ever see someone with that flowing hair that looks so silky smooth it could rival the celebrities? Do you wish you had that same quality of hair and people were gawking at you the same way? Well, you are so close to having it, you just need the right tips.

Getting your hair to the level of shine and health that people admire it is much simpler than you would think. There are plenty of care tips for techniques, accessories such as that Mulberry silk scrunchie, and products that can help improve the quality of your hair and here are some that you can start using today.

1. Don’t Overdo Your Washing 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to get nice, beautiful hair is that they overwash it. Avoiding overwashing may be hard because it gets oily or greasy, but that is just the hair’s natural production of nutrients and proteins. Limiting how much you wash can really improve the potential for your hair to develop that beautiful shine. Some experts believe that 3 washes a week is a good amount to let the hairs natural oils regenerate. It is also important to avoid shampoos and other washing products that are high in synthetic chemicals. One chemical, in particular, sulfate, can really dry out the hair and cause breakage.

2. Straighten Your Hair Better

Long and shiny hair is the goal, so a good straightener can help achieve this. If you use a straightener often, you should consider slowing down on how much you use it. Dial down the heat and be gentler with your passes over each section of the hair. If you check out this article, you can also find ways to improve straightening your hair without heat. Shampoos that are rich in nutrients and proteins can help improve your hair after straightening it and keep it from drying out. Straighteners are great when you use them well, but you should couple them with a good shampoo that protects it after you have applied heat. It’s also a good idea to apply oregano oil for hair to enhance your hair’s natural shine.

3. Find the Time to Brush

Just like washing and straightening your hair, brushing is important for styling purposes, but overdoing can be a bad idea. People make the mistake of going too aggressive on their locks with their brush because they want to get those pesky knots and tangles out. The issue is that you could be causing further damage to the roots and inducing breakage. Brushing in smaller, more precise strokes at the bottom few inches of your hair, then working your way up to the top of your head helps reduce this damage and it feels much more comfortable. Brushing will help separate the hair strands and let your hair look its fullest, but only if you treat it with the proper care it deserves.

4. Eat Better Foods 

The hair is a part of your body just like organs or bones are. It needs the right nutrients to help it look and feel its best so you need to improve your diet if you want to help fix that hair quality. Fast food and other nitrogen-rich meats and fatty products will be absorbed into the hair as well, which causes a dried out, withered feeling. Eating vitamin and mineral-rich foods like leafy vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower), as well as healthy sources of fats and proteins (unsalted nuts, fish, skinless chicken), are essential for a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking are also big factors in unhealthy hair so reducing bad habits as much as you can will help restore some life back into your hair.

5. Use Less Harsh Products

Finding good hair products can be tough because there are so many out there. Shampoo for after straightening is just an example of the many products that are effective for styling your hair in a healthy way, but it does not stop there. Argan oil, baby oil, coconut oil, dry shampoo, deep conditioners, hair masks, protein-rich creams, heat protection sprays, and many more offer the kind of healthy support for your scalp and hair that will allow you to restore or improve its condition. Avoiding those chemicals listed, or at least reducing them, is a small step you can take with your existing products as well.

Getting the best possible results out of your hair care routine is a must for that movie-star quality hair. As you can see, the rules to follow are quite simple and make sense, and with a little practice you will be showing off your gorgeous flowing locks in no time.