Getting Started With CBD Gummies

Since hitting the retail market and being approved for use, CBD has come in a variety of forms. CBD oil is a popular way to get the benefits this cannabinoid provides, but it is best for topical use. Some people prefer to get their CBD through vaping, but for those who don’t vape and need something that’s not topical, CBD gummies are the answer. They come in a wide variety and provide users with a very discreet way of getting their daily dose.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles is any food that contains CBD extract or CBD oil. CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is extracted from the plant using various methods, tested to make sure its high quality, and then turned into the oil that goes into edibles. CBD is also the part of the cannabis plant that does not contain psychoactive properties. If you mix CBD in a batch of brownies, you’ll get all the benefits of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, without the high.

In the United States, CBD is extracted from hemp. It has less than 0.3% of THC in it, which makes it legal to sell and use. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can find CBD edibles that have a higher concentration of THC. Try to purchase edibles that have been made from hemp sourced from organic farms and that are not coming into the country from an international processor. This will ensure you get the best CBD on the market.

Why Should I Choose CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles give you all of the benefits of CBD without dealing with the earthy taste of an oil or vaping or smoking the cannabinoid. The other ingredients in edibles help mask that earthy taste, and while you can mix the oil with food or drink, edibles are simply more convenient and discreet. Edibles, like CBD gummies:

  • Don’t strain your lungs or force you to smoke or vape if you don’t already do it. Plus, you avoid toxic carcinogens from heating the thinning agents mixed with the vape oil.
  • Last longer, taking 30 minutes to two hours for it to completely enter your bloodstream and kick in. The effects last longer when in ingest gummies or other edibles. Wait at least 90 minutes before taking more to give it time to kick in.
  • Are easier to consume, and you know exactly how much you are getting with each serving. If you take gummies, then you should be getting 25 mg. per serving.
  • Are more discreet, and you don’t have to go outside to vape or hide your oil dropper. A bottle of gummies or other CBD gummies fit right in your bag or backpack.

How Do I Choose The Right CBD Gummy For Me?

There is a wide variety of gummies containing CBD on the market. Consider the potency you need, flavors that you like – or don’t like! – and the desired outcome you need from the gummy. Also, consider dietary restrictions and allergies. You might need to try a few different types. Talk to your local dispensary or niche store that sells gummies. They can steer you in the right direction.