Fitness Transformation: Taking Baby Steps Toward A Bigger Goal

If you are not on a fitness journey yet, you’ve probably been procrastinating a lot, and the fact that you’re reading this is proof enough. Some have tried several times, but they reach a point where their efforts stall for one reason or the other. Well, most people give up on their fitness goals not because they lack the time and resources, but because they start big and try too hard to achieve milestones.

The truth is, there’s power in taking it slow when it comes to physical fitness. It might take quite some time, and it may even feel as if you’re gaining nothing, but you’ll never fight a losing battle when it comes to working out. Once you start achieving short-term successes little by little, you’ll get motivated to invest more of your time and resources in your workout routine. If you’re looking for fitness transformation, start with these exercises per workout that can make a big impact on achieving your fitness goal! Here are also some tips you ought to read as you take baby steps toward a bigger goal.

Start with Light and Simple Exercises

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, so they say. Of course, we are talking about exercise here. Physical activities are important just to keep the sanity of the body physically. Keeping it light and simple is the trick at the early stages because intense workouts can cause a lot of pain and fatigue for the next few days that follow. The intense workout rejuvenates the spirit, but even the topic is specific on bay steps, so take it easy, nice, and slow. Walks, rope skipping, squats, and sit-ups are among the few workouts you can do on your own from. 

In case you don’t know where to start, you can always join a gym, find a personal trainer, or work with a fitness coach. The fitness guys from the Facet Seven website suggest evaluating your needs first and then choosing a class or routine that will best fit your schedule. Simply stretching, doing some yoga, or jogging for just 20 minutes each day will go a long way in transforming your fitness levels. Once your body gets used to physical activity, you can increase the workout intensity levels and the amount of time you exercise in each session.


Water carries some spark of glow that greatly influences how you look, feel, and perform. Keeping hydrated is perhaps the easiest and most important way to maintain good health. In fact, it helps you excrete toxins through sweat when you work out. You do not have to start with large portions of water, start small, and increase your consumption as you advance in your fitness journey. With this in mind, try to slowly cut down on all the processed drinks and replace them with fresh purified water. Try your best to avoid beer, coffee, and juice at the genesis of your transformation.

Sleep Better

If you make it a habit of staying up late or depriving yourself of sleep, you are killing your body softly. You’ll be battling migraines, fatigue, and drowsiness during the day, not forgetting that the beneficial effects of physical activity are experienced when the body is at rest. Good sleep also enhances better performance and promotes mental health. The importance of adequate quality sleep can never be overemphasized. Let it stick that you have to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day. With that, you can easily plan your sleep schedule and stick to it.

Eat Healthily

“Eat your vegetables” is a cliché that needs to be respected. The fast foods we rush to when we are trying to catch up with the pressures of life often have a lot of calories and are linked to a myriad of chronic lifestyle diseases. While you’ll need some carbs, protein, and fats in your diet, you will want to keep them to a minimum that the body needs to sustain your activity levels. In every meal serving, try as much as possible to have veggies and fruits accompanying it. You can find recipes that will help you prepare tasty vegetable meals without feeling bored along the way. A meal plan will guide you on what you can prepare to avoid repeating meals.

Drop the Bad Habits

There are various kinds of addictions, otherwise known as unhealthy habits in the world of fitness. Perhaps you’re dealing with sugar cravings, you’re taking a lot of alcohol, or you smoke cigarettes. Do you find yourself taking processed food a lot of the time? All these are poor lifestyle choices that can deter your progress in achieving your fitness goals. Start cutting back on these habits gradually, one step at a time.

Fitness is a journey, and it starts with a single step. It takes effort, consistency, and commitment. As long as you keep your eyes on the prize, these baby steps can help you toward achieving the fitness levels of your desire over time as you lead a healthy lifestyle.