6 Supplements to Boost Your Daily Nutrition

In the modern days, where most individuals live their lives constantly on the go, in order to meet the required nutritional needs, people often choose quick, cheap, and simple meals, which usually means meals packed with processed and high sugar ingredients, over healthy meals. This, along with additional contributing factors such as high levels of stress and lack of sleep may seriously deteriorate our mental and physical health. Poor nutrition can, in turn, result in poor brain and heart function, weak immune system, skin and weight issues, hormone levels, and even more complex and serious issues like cancer. 

The best method to ensure your physical and mental health is to have a healthy and balanced diet. However, taking additional steps, such as consuming supplements, in order to ameliorate your overall health can support your body to function better, which will improve your physical and mental health and well-being. This will also support and strengthen the immune system, which can be even more important if you are active and into fitness and working out. Here in this article, we will discuss a few sure ways to improve the health of your gut and how you can improve it.

Coenzyme Q10 

Coenzyme Q10 is a non-protein complex that plays a vital role in fighting oxidative stress and controlling the energy at the cellular level. This is a very important antioxidant that many people are not aware of. You can learn more about it on this website where experts have reviewed this supplement as well as many others. CoQ10 supports the conversion of food into energy, which is great news if you are planning on working out. Research has shown that this antioxidant is great at combating disease and it is suggested that it contributes to speed up exercise recovery and reduces damage to muscles caused by intense training.

Fish Oil

A very healthy supplement that you must add to your diet is fish oils such as Omega-3s. They are vital due to their ability to synthesize potent signal molecules that help reduce cell stress responses, fatty acids support the body return to a relaxed state after a stressful situation. Contrarily, the potent signal molecules released from the omega-3 fatty acid support an increase in cell stress responses therefore should be consumed moderately. Previous research has shown that having a wealth of omega-3s is preferable in order to maintain a healthy cell response and overall immune health.


Probiotics are increasingly becoming more popular as people discover their benefits. Adding supplements such as probiotics or digestive enzymes to your diet may be a great way to improve your system’s ability to digest food. This is also essential as part of balanced nutrition and overall health. A lack of this healthy bacteria can lead to a weak immune system, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and malnutrition. Empirical research has shown that probiotics play an important role in immune health, as it supports the body fight off harmful aggressors, through the activation of various immune mechanisms.

Vitamin D

This supplement is oftentimes also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’ as we can obtain it from sun exposure. However, in some Countries being exposed to the sun is somewhat difficult due to the constant bad weather. Nevertheless, Vitamin D has received a growing amount of attention in recent years for its essential role in supporting the immune system’s health and its immune-boosting nutrient reputation. Prior to research findings, it was thought this vitamin was mainly beneficial for its positive effects on calcium absorption and bone health, however, a great quantity of literature now shows that vitamin D can moderate both innate and adaptive immune responses.


If your body is faced with a novel virus, the health and how well your innate immune system (the quicker but less precise set of immune responses) function is specifically important. When a virus is new, the probability that exposed individuals will have developed the relevant antibodies to combat it is small. Taking melatonin can help. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small cluster of specific cells in the brain. Its main function is to enable sleep onset by communicating to the body when it is dark. 

Furthermore, melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant that supports the regulation of the main cellular mechanisms of the innate immune response. When you sleep, your immune system releases cytokines (molecules that recruit other immune cells to the place of infection and manage their behavior) in order to help fight an infection or inflammation within the body. Therefore sleep deprivation can decrease the production of cytokines, as well as infection-fighting antibodies. 


In order to maintain well-balanced nutrition, you may consider increasing nutrient intake with multivitamins. Many people do not believe the positive benefits this supplement provides. These are very important if you are lacking various nutrients in your diet from food alone. A Multi-vitamin supplement supports to fill potential gaps in the diet that you may have. They can also increase your metabolism’s efficiency, muscle building and recovery, and performance. This is particularly essential if you are an active individual.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and food is essential for the overall health of your body. Food should always be the primary source of good nutrition although we are not always able to obtain all the required nutrients and seeking supplements is the ideal choice to achieve good nutrition.