6 Tips to Give Your Skin That Rejuvenated Glow

People can spend their whole lives trying to achieve glowing, healthy skin. Skin that is soft and clear and looks healthy can be difficult to achieve, especially if you have a dry or oily skin type.

Thankfully, in our guide, you’re going to find seven simple tips that can help anyone, regardless of their skin type, give their skin that rejuvenated glow they are looking for, and many of them won’t cost you a penny! Just making some simple lifestyle changes can help anyone to rejuvenate your skin! If you are want to get this skin rejuvenation in West Dundee, IL, you may schedule a consultation with the pros like Nunnally Dermatology – chemical peels in Baton Rouge, LA.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

According to dermatology experts like AMG Aesthetics, your skin is like a sponge, and if you don’t stay hydrated it will become dry and cracked. Drinking plenty of water is important for your general health, but also important for your skin’s health too. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and give your skin a good soak in the bath regularly.

Make a Change in Your Diet

People often say that you are what you eat, and if you don’t consume the right nutrients for healthy skin it will soon show. Your skin needs vitamins and healthy oils to be at its best. Include more food high in omega-3 oils in your diet, as well as nuts and avocado that contain healthy fats and oils.

Reducing your carbohydrate intake is good for your skin too. Bread and pasta can often irritate your body, causing inflammation from gluten. Try going gluten-free to reduce inflammation and you may see an improvement in your skin.

Make Sure You Exfoliate

Not enough people include exfoliation as a part of their regular skincare regime. Face masks are a great way to exfoliate and give your pores a deep cleanse. Exfoliation leaves your skin looking and feeling fresher and brighter.

Find a Skincare Regime that Works for You

Different skin types require different techniques and products for an effective skincare regime, and you may have to experiment a little with both to find the right regime for you.

Try and choose products that are skincare specific, like this toner that helps to protect the skin while cleansing it. Once you find a skincare regime that works for you and your skin, stick to it. It may take a little time to see the full effects of your new regime.

Try to Sleep Better

Sleep is great for our skin and getting better quality sleep for longer reduces wrinkles and produces hormones that help improve the condition of your skin. They call it beauty sleep for a reason!

Making sure you have a clean bed and room to sleep in will help, as well as cleansing before you sleep. You can give your skin some extra help while you sleep by using a product with vitamin A. This encourages skin cell and dermal repair, and it often an active ingredient in night creams and moisturizers.

Don’t Touch Your Face

This may seem like a strange tip, and one that is hard to do, but by touching your face less, you are exposing it to fewer bacteria.

Our hands will touch many surfaces throughout the day, and these may be contaminated with many different kinds of bacteria. We wash our hands throughout the day for this reason, and the skin on our hands is tougher and less absorbent because of it. The skin on our face is extremely absorbent, and by touching our face with our hands it is easy to transfer bacteria to our face, causing inflammation and breakouts, and clogging pores.

Giving your skin a rejuvenated glow won’t happen overnight. It will take some time to see the results, but if you are patient you will begin to see the change in your skin. With patience and the right skincare regime, anyone can get that glow.