6 Effective Methods to Increase Your YouTube Views

Getting more views for your YouTube video has countless benefits. A substantial number of them take your channel to trending levels. They help you go viral and improve social proof. If you promote a brand through your clips, they will increase its awareness, bring you more potential buyers and drive sales.

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The only issue is that YouTube attracts over 1.9 billion users every month. Regardless of your niche, you will face stiff competition whenever you upload a new video. So, if you want to get ahead in the game, you will need reliable methods to increase your YouTube views. Here are the six most effective ones!

Work with Social Media Experts

Right off the bat, the most efficient method of getting more YouTube views is employing the help of social media experts.

Various services at Socialboss.org will help you increase the number of views on YouTube. Many brands from large companies to young influencers use them to grow easily on social media. With their help, you can improve your visibility on YouTube in record time, and with minimal effort. Also, you get to save the time and money that you would otherwise waste on waiting for the views to come naturally or on regular ads.

Design Cool-Looking Video Thumbnails

Another effective way of getting more YouTube views is to have highly-appealing thumbnails for your videos.

When YouTube users land on your channel page, they are looking for an eye-catching image that would make them click on it mindlessly. It might seem superficial, but most of the time, the way you package your video to appear to your viewers might matter more than the content.

Save the time to work on the thumbnails for your clips. Good-looking images o GIFs will attract viewers easily. If you also work with social media experts, you have a good chance to show your videos on the trending page. That is another reason to make the best out of your thumbnails.

Write a Proper SEO Description

Your video might have a cool thumbnail, but it doesn’t mean that it should not have an attractive title or a great SEO description as well.

It may sound easy, but coming up with a clickable title is one of the most difficult tasks of every YouTuber out there. You need to keep your title short, yet comprehensive. In just a few words, you need to capture the viewer’s attention just enough to make him click on it.

Additionally, you should ensure that the description of your video uses as many relevant keywords as possible. This way, your clip will rank higher in Google searches and YouTube queries, and hopefully ahead of your competition.

Use Video Transcriptions in Multiple Languages

Another great method of improving your rank in the YouTube algorithm is to write the transcription of your video in multiple languages.

YouTube is available in 80 languages and in over 91 countries. In total, it covers linguistically more than 95% of the internet population. Now, you do not have to translate your video’s transcription in all those languages, but you can do it in at least five, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German and French.

You can use translation software to upload multilingual transcriptions. If you want to go the extra mile and ensure that your message is properly translated in all of those languages, you can use native speakers for each of them. This method will help you appear among the first results in the queries made by people who speak other languages.

Post Only HQ Videos and Do It Often

One of the most effective methods of getting more views for YouTube clips is to upload high-quality videos regularly.

Once you get a reliable audience to follow your channel, you will have to post new videos almost any day. Depending on your niche, you may even have to upload new, relevant clips several times per day. However, you will need to keep a balance between the upload rate and the quality of your videos. They both have to be optimal to achieve remarkable success.

Ask Your YouTube Subscribers for More Views

Last, but not least, you can effectively increase the views on your YouTube videos by asking your subscribers to share them forward to their friends and followers. Do it on other social media like Instagram and increase followers there. If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, then this will increase the chances of getting views on YouTube) Easy! Share the link to YouTube in your Insta post and see results!

This strategy is difficult to implement, and it won’t always yield the best results. Still, if you continuously ask for help from your current subscribers, and thank them in future videos, the chances are high to get more high-quality views in the long run.