How to Pick the Right King Size Mattress

While Mahatma Gandhi said “When I wake up I am reborn” and Dalai Lama said “sleep is the best Meditation”.  A good night’s sleep means a great deal to our body. As much as sleep is important, so is the bed we lay upon.  In order to sleep like a king on a king mattress we need to find that best king sized mattress.

The question then arises, how do I choose the best king size mattress that provides me a meditation mode after each nap. The market is flooded with mind boggling choices of king mattress brands. Jessica from Bedding Pal lists the top 10 king mattresses but should you blindly follow the recommendations? If you are interested in making your own selection, this article goes through the factors for choosing the best king mattress.

What is a King Size Mattress?

A king size mattress is one that gives you that luxurious feel of rolling over space fit for a king and if you have a snoring partner then that space is a necessity. If you prefer the bouncy type then again you need to spend at least ten minutes on the mattress to know for certain that is bouncy enough. Water beds too are bouncy but not practical if your partner has not out grown his or her childhood. So, your next option could be a more firm mattress, such as casper essential mattress, that keeps your partner from falling off the bed. Also this might be suitable for better posture and spine care.

Now if you need to spend 10 minutes on the bed as advised by some experts on choosing your mattress, then you may have to find an accommodating sales person and store. Cheer up it’s not so difficult to use your fingers to google some reputable reviews before rushing to several stores for several days to find that one Best King Sized mattress that suits your needs and comfort.

What You Need to Know?


One of the several considerations would likely include the softness of the mattress. Do you want it soft, medium soft, medium firm or firm? Now comes the ones that give you the feeling of body hugs and   body contouring, like memory foam mattresses.

Comfort and Support

As for a latex mattress you get that bouncy, cooling and responsiveness and comfort. If you are looking for support and comfort you may want to get something more traditional in the form of a coil mattress with one or more layers of spring coils. The larger the number of coils the better your comfort and support.

Pillow tops provide a cushion effect and softer comfort. Pillow top mattresses are simply a layer of soft material either stuffed or sewn into a cover and is topped over a coiled, latex, memory or hybrid mattress to give that additional comfort.

If you are looking for bounce, support, comfort and cooling, a hybrid mattress would be the recommendation. Hybrid mattresses are designed to maximize certain mattress pros while minimizing certain cons. A latex memory foam hybrid would deliver great bounce, cooling and responsiveness from the latex material and provide great pressure relief and support from memory foam.

A king mattress that would best suited for the special needs of those who snore, have chronic lower back pain or certain medical conditions, and even best for older users will benefit from adjustable mattresses that allow feet elevation and back inclination. For those who want some massage, a little heat, and vibration, then some adjustable mattresses may be able to meet these needs.

Everything that is made for super comfort and luxury has a cost to it. Thus, when seeking to purchase the best king mattress  a good match on costing and needs are prerequisites. The best king mattresses would be able to deliver your satisfaction completely when these facts are taken into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a King Size Mattress

Buyers need to have a clear understanding of their comfort levels when purchasing mattresses for a good night’s sleep. A good sales recommendation that meets your need is the right approach rather than just relying on sales pitch that gets you to purchase comfort based on price alone. The more expensive a mattress is does not determine your best king mattress purchase. The best king mattress is one that gets you into that reborn form after a night of comfortable sleep and rest as in meditative mode. While consumers are spoiled with choices, a good understanding of your requirements will definitely get you that best king mattress that you seek.