6 Best Wedding Venues in or Near Missoula

Missoula is a growing town that’s fast becoming the center of attraction. And if you’re starting the wedding planning, look no further for your wedding venue. The wedding venues Missoula and western Montana hacve to offer are appealing to almost any style of wedding, especially country and rustic.

The tranquility marks the uniqueness of Missoula hotels, lodges and other Missoula event venues. And if you’re looking for the best western Montana or Missoula wedding venues, check out our six favorites.

Rumor Restaurant & Tap House

Rumor Restaurant is a perfect destination for your wedding ceremony and reception. It’s for the environmentally conscious and modern couple who wants a rustic touch. They serve local and sustainable foods that are organic and locally sourced.

It’s located right in the center of Missoula and sports a blend of rustic and modern design. This gives it its stylish, comfortable, fun and sophisticated ambiance. From casual to jaded taste buds, they’ve got all your guests covered. Their menu includes casual food to a traditional eating experience.

The venue features a patio that offers stunning views for your outdoor wedding. This is a one-stop place for a formal sophisticated wedding.

Double Tree hotel Missoula — Edgewater

This is one of the best Missoula Montana hotels for a modern wedding. Here you can get great halls and the whole nine yards. If you also want water view backgrounds for your pictures, you’re in luck. The hotel finds its place right on the Clark Fork River. The ethereal view it offers will make unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Their services are also one of a kind. It is well-tailored and personalized to each individual. They have in-house experts to help with your wedding planning. From choosing a wedding cake to decor, selection of wedding music and more. And you better believe that the personal attention you’ll get will make your special day perfect.

Montana River Lodge

This river lodge is a couple of minutes away from exit 61 on I-90. It is about 40 minutes away from the heart of Missoula and is perched just below the very famous Alberton George.

It offers a stunning view of the Clark Fork River. The place also features a rustic log wedding gazebo and a four thousand square foot lawn. This gives couples and guests enough space to set up the decor of their dreams.

Its simplicity gives it the vibe of understated beauty. This venue is a dream of every modern yet rustic-inspired wedding.

Round Barn at Twin bridges

Round Barn at Twin Bridges is a historic wedding venue and barn. You’ll find it in the very heart of Montana. The building is a sight to behold as it has been well restored. The barn itself comes in a very unique circus shape and finds itself among the rolling hills in Twin Bridges, Montana.

With carriages to make you feel like a lord and lady, and the rustic color scheme and large expanse of land, this place has everything it takes to bring your rustic and country wedding to life.

Star Meadows Ranch

Talk about cozy, rich and homey, this is one of the best wedding venues in western Montana. This is a farm wedding venue located in Whitefish, Montana. It is very small and owned by a family which gives it its coziness and warm feeling.

The farm ranch is stunning and it sits majestically on 360 acres of land right at the foot of Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain Resort.) It is an all-inclusive wedding venue with a family-style celebration. It offers both ceremony, reception and honeymoon getaways.

This gives Star Meadows its uniqueness, family setting and makes it the perfect spot for a fairytale wedding.

The Copper K Barn

You want a quiet and laid back, yet whimsical style wedding? Take a trip to Copper K Barn located 8 miles south of Whitehall, Montana. The Tobacco Root Mountains house this barn at its very base. The surrounding mountain gives the barn an ethereal and picturesque view. This place is a photographer and artist’s dream. It offers you the best spots to take knockout wedding pictures and portraits.

The setting is very natural and is high on the ambiance, making it perfect for rustic weddings. There is also a serene setting that a quiet couple will love. You can have your outdoor wedding here in style without elements getting in the way. You’re also afforded maximum privacy. Getting married here will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

Wedding venues in or near Missoula range from hotels to barns, parks, lodges and more. Pick a venue and have your dream wedding.