6 of the Most Fun Lawn Games for All Ages

There is nothing like spending the day out in your backyard and playing some fun games with your family and friends. The fresh air and bright sunshine can do you good when most of the time we’re glued to our screens thanks to our digital lifestyle. Sometimes it’s great to just let go of our electronics and play some games to pass the time, so get your loved ones ready and head out to your backyard or lawn to enjoy some playful moments in the sun.

1. Soccer

This will be a great choice to start with if you want to have a little fun with your family or friends; this is probably one of the most popular games in the world and it’s not difficult to set up. Just divide each other into teams and enjoy yourselves, having your own set of rules can make it funnier and more engaging; it gives the younger kids a chance to play too. Get an Acme Thunderer referee whistle and make some yellow or red cards for your referee and set the score to 10 goals and whoever reaches that first wins. Remember to have a little fun by faking some fouls for a little laugh.

2. Miniature Golf 

It will be interesting to see how everyone plays golf on their lawn. Also, it will be extremely fun to prepare your very own mini lawn golf course. Have everyone participate in making it happen if you like to. It would be great if you invest in some of the best golf laser rangefinders that are easy to use and have good features; you don’t want your guests to get confused as they play. Who needs to head down to the nearest golf course when you could have it at home? You could have two people play at a time, or you could have it free for all and whoever finishes the course wins.

3. Four-Legged Team Race

Another interesting game you could play is to have two people’s legs tied up together and have sets of teams race each other. This can be so hilarious to watch because everyone would be wobbling and unable to run properly too. Be ready for lots of laughs and possible tumbling moments when you race; it would be smart to wear knee and elbow pads to keep everyone safe if they fall.

4. Balloon Dodgeball

This is an awesome game to play when it’s so hot outside; it can cool you off too as you play. Get a bunch of balloon bags and start filling them up with water, then divide yourselves into teams, after that you can start the game see who can dodge most of the balloons and who couldn’t. Let’s be honest, if it’s really hot that day, then you wouldn’t try too hard to dodge them! Just be careful and not to throw it too hard, especially at the kids and avoid any headshots.

5. Drip, Drip Dunk

This is another cool game to play during the hot summer weather; it’s similar to the famous duck duck, goose game, but instead of tapping people on the head with your hand, you will do it with a cup or jug of water. You keep going until you choose whoever you want to dunk with water and drop it all over them, then the person needs to get up and chase you afterward with a mini-game of tag. It’s very interesting and hilarious to watch and play.

6. Giant Lawn Matching Game

It will need some preparation, but it’s fun to play together. Just like the original matching games, but it’s scaled up a notch; get some cardboard and start cutting them into big square shapes, then you need to draw a symbol of any kind on two of the squares. Keep doing that until you have enough to cover your lawn, and then it’s time to mix it all together and flip it over so no one can see the symbols. Everyone gets a turn in flipping two squares, if you couldn’t match something, then someone else will carry on after you. Remember to keep a scoreboard because whoever got the most matches wins the game.

Whether it’s with your young children, your siblings, or your friends from work, there is bound to be a cool game for you to play. Cherish these enjoyable moments you have together; we all get caught up with our jobs or responsibilities that we rarely have fun anymore. So, it would be a great change of pace if you have this day dedicated to playing games on your lawn. Remember to take photos and record some cool videos to watch years from now.