How Fast Can You Expect to Build Muscle Naturally?

If there is one thing that holds up every single human being together, it’s definitely the desire to build muscle. And although there are supplements designed specifically to aid you in your journey of building your killer body, a number of us would rather do so naturally. Even if it might take a little bit longer. But what we would like to know is the length of this journey and the work that’s needed. So here’s how you can become the next Mr. Olympia.

What to eat?

If you’re looking to have the time and energy spent on training really utilized to the best of your ability, then you absolutely shouldn’t neglect nutrition. Especially as it’s the prime ingredient in having those muscles, work their way to you. So here is what you should be eating if you want to build muscles fast.

  • Lean Beef/Skinless Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish
  • Healthy Fats
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Whole Grains

A good nutritional plan will ease your efforts and means you get to build muscle faster. These foods, like supplements, supplement your training by having you lose fat and gain muscle mass. Carbohydrates are the way to go. When seeking to avoid muscle loss and fuel up your workouts add lots of carbs to what you eat.

Things to do

A few things are worth being considered, and one of those things is body type. You have to know your body type, especially if you want to know how quickly you can put on muscle. There are 3 body types, and depending on which one you’ll have to go through with a certain diet. Either by adding calories or lowering them, you’ll be able to get the body you want. Also, try to keep expectations realistic. Being a ‘hard-gainer’ takes much longer than an easy one.

Training volume is important, as the faster you want to get into your killer body the more volume you’ll have to do. To do so effectively and efficiently you might have to work with low weights so that your reps and sets can go up. Also, if you’re looking to make the most of your training you might then want to decrease the between-set rest intervals. You should be encouraging the release of hormones that help build muscle faster. If you’re wondering, how long does it take to build muscle, you might want to think of adding lots and lots of protein to your diet. It helps with muscle gain and recovery, although you should know that 30g is all you can digest in any one sitting. Try focusing on casein protein before you sleep. You’ll find that type of protein in food like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Speaking of sleep, it’s essential that you get enough of it. It helps with muscle recovery.

Since it depends on the intensity and volume of your workout, and of course on the diet you follow, seeing results can vary, but it’s a safe bet you can start seeing a change with as little as a few weeks. Usually 8 weeks are being idealistic. Just remain patient and work hard for that body you want.