Elk country

Missoula is home to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, whose mission is to ensure the future of elk in their natural habitat.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
5705 Grant Creek Rd.
(406) 523-4500 or (800) CALL-ELK

Western Montana is elk country so it’s only fitting that Missoula is home to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

More than a museum, the Elk Foundation’s Visitor Center features a number of interactive exhibits where you can learn more about elk, elk country, and the role the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation plays in conservation.

When exploring exhibits you can test your knowledge of wildlife, hear an elk bugle, identify animal tracks, feel the weight of an elk antler, enjoy wildlife conservation films, and more. The Visitor Center also features an impressive display of world record elk trophy mounts and a gift shop.

The annual Elk Camp, a hunting, fishing, and outdoor expo, is the Foundation’s flagship annual event held in a different city every year.

See also our post that provides an expanded overview of the Elk Foundation.

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