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Smoke Be Damned: Fall Is Headed Our Way

By PAUL QUENEAU - It’s been bad around the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys these past couple months. But a Pacific deliverance and autumn may well be headed this way.... more

Severe Storms Forecast to Pummel Western Montana This Afternoon

By PAUL QUENEAU - Severe Storms forecast to pummel western Montana this afternoon. One-inch hail, damaging winds and flash flooding all possible.... more

Missoula’s Crazy Spring Weather, a Conversation Starter

By JEN SLAYDEN - Missoula, with your fickle seasons, winter inversions, spring snow storms, and river running through it: Thank you for giving us something to talk about!... more

It’s Not the Snow in the Dog, It’s the Dog in the Snow

By DANIELLE LATTUGA - What makes dogs love the snow? Something is altered in them—this energy propels them forth, regardless of short legs and snowballs.... more

Snow Daze

By BOB WIRE - It’s been three days now, and our street has yet to see a plow. I’m getting desperate. All of us in Missoula are in the same boat, but at least it’s not an Italian cruise ship.... more

Snowstorm Message from Mayor Engen

NEWS RELEASE - In light of this week's snowstorm, Mayor John Engen released this statement this morning. It includes information about snow plowing, road closures, and more.... more

The Big Snow Cometh: Schools Closed, 30 inches at Lost Trail

By PAUL QUENEAU - Missoula awoke this morning a foot of snow and flakes still falling. Here are the latest snowfall reports from around Western Montana.... more

The Big Storm: A Foot of Snow in Town by Friday?

By PAUL QUENEAU - It appears that winter might make up for lost time. The National Weather Service is calling for two inches overnight Tuesday followed by as much a foot in the valley by Thursday morning.... more