Mount Jumbo Closed for Avalanche Danger

Effective immediately, Mount Jumbo is closed to all public use because of an urban avalanche warning. Dangerous conditions are present that could result in an avalanche. Avalanche experts are now evaluating evolving snow conditions and hazards.

Residents must stay off the mountain, including private property, to eliminate the chance of human-triggered avalanches. Anyone seeing human activity on Mount Jumbo should report it to 911 immediately.

It’s unclear whether there is sufficient snow on Jumbo’s southwestern slopes to cause an avalanche, but the City of Missoula and its partners, with advice from the Office of Emergency Management, are exercising caution.

Most of the mountain closes on Dec. 1 of each year to protect wintering wildlife, but three trails at lower elevations remain open. All trails are now closed, and off-trail travel is prohibited.

We will update you as conditions develop.

Questions? Fire Chief Gordy Hughes, (406) 207-0256