The Benefits of Valet Waste Removal You Should Take Advantage Of

Valet waste removal is a modern and reasonable way of managing waste. It all started when more and more people (and companies) tried to find ways how they can do their part for the environment by recycling their trash or not even throwing it at all. This is where valet waste removal comes into play: it provides you with a way to make sure your waste gets out without your direct influence and involvement.

There are several types (depending on what kind of business we’re talking about) of commercial waste management service, and they have been gaining more and more attention in recent years as more and more dining and hospitality facilities try out new kinds of procedures, such as green initiatives, to make their establishments eco-friendly. Here, some of the benefits of valet waste removal will be discussed.

Less mess around your facility

Your business can benefit from operating without having to worry about messy garbage cans or overflowing waste bins to look at. Trash valet service professionals from operating National Trash Valet recommend two options: let trash valet service providers come in and take your trash away for you or undergo training to start your own trash valet business. The former option means getting rid of the garbage is now someone else’s responsibility, which also translates that you don’t have to worry about it. You can rest easy knowing that this tedious task has been taken off your shoulders so you are no longer responsible for it! While both options can help reduce clutter around your establishment while maintaining a much cleaner appearance overall, the latter option has the added benefit of widening your business horizons as a new venture. 

The value of taking out the trash without any effort

You could also save yourself some time by not having to tidy up after each individual guest wastes their food and drink items. Your employees won’t be tied down with having to deal with this mess alone because this will be the responsibility of the valet waste removal service. Your employees can then focus on more important matters, such as taking care of your customers and providing them with a great experience while they visit your establishment.

Less need for employees’ involvement

Nowadays businesses have a lot of waste materials on a daily basis. For example, a small-medium-sized company will produce on average 8 yards of waste every day. This means there is no need to hire employees just for the purpose of collecting and taking out garbage from the office premises as valet services offer this service as well. 

The cost associated with hiring employees can be huge, hence it’s better to use services that come at a lower cost than you could imagine! In addition to all these benefits, one more thing should be noted – professional companies do not charge anything extra; we mean it – they don’t charge for additional trips or any other hidden costs, unlike traditional dumpster rental companies who always try to pull customers over with various hidden costs.

Efficient Waste Disposal

Another benefit of this service is that you don’t have to think about the proper disposal. In fact, many cities will not let you put the trash into their recycling or composting bins anyway! Since the valet company already knows all the rules and regulations regarding waste disposal in your area, they can make sure everything gets properly disposed of. For example, if there is no curbside pick-up for recyclables at your location, then instead of making an appointment with someone to come by every week (like traditional garbage removal), they’ll just set up special times after each pickup (like regular garbage removal) with an organization that does curbside pick-up.

Cost Savings

Regular garbage removal can cost hundreds of dollars per month, which is why it makes more sense to just pay for valet waste removal on an as-needed basis. You might not think you need this service, or that there’s too much junk for them to handle – but once you compare the price with how often you generate trash on a daily basis, it starts making sense! This is especially true if your company needs an “office cleaning” type of service every so often. Besides keeping your office clean and sanitary (something required by law), having someone pick up after you also save time and money in the long run! Just ask any business owner who has tried both types of services – they’ll tell you it’s worth the money.

Healthy work environment

The harsh chemicals in many cleaning products would tempt people to bring the cleaning into their homes and premises, but that is not just dangerous but also expensive. The valet waste removal services provide a healthy environment because they do not use any form of chemical in not only the restrooms but also any other place. Besides, you can be certain that your employees and visitors will find themselves safe.


In 2018, American households recycled 292.4 million tons of materials that could have been otherwise sent to landfills. These include aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and food scraps. Moreover, recycling promotes a healthy planet by reducing the need for raw resources such as oil and minerals. Recycle bins can accommodate these items but they’re not always collected separately from other trash. This is why employing valet waste removal services is a must. Unlike homeowners or businesses who spend time sorting their recyclables from the rest of the trash, these companies handle all this for you so you won’t have to think about it anymore. In addition to this saving time and effort, hiring a valet waste management service can prove beneficial in other ways as well because your business or home will always be clean.

Services are also available for communities, universities, medical centers, and corporate groups such as hotels, motels, and restaurants so the waste disposal efforts can further extend to their populations. This way you won’t have to worry about negative environmental impacts because your valet waste removal professionals will assure that everything is kept in check at all times.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Having A Valet Waste Removal System?

While there are not many drawbacks that come with having a valet waste removal system in place (aside from the cost), one big drawback is related to how many people don’t recycle their trash even though they know they should. By raising awareness among your employees, you might solve this problem in time, but it will require some effort.

It is evident that valet waste removal has numerous benefits and can make a real difference when it comes to managing a company’s waste disposal. While the initial cost might seem large, in the long run, this will pay off through efficient recycling procedures, healthier employees, and a better company image.