A Look At The Recent Extreme Weather In Missoula

Missoula is no stranger to extreme weather conditions.  In February and March of 2019, the city had a record-breaking 28.2 inches of snow — the third-highest amount since 1936 and 2014. This was soon followed by a series of arctic blasts that brought an all-time cold temperature of -10 degrees on March 4. In fact, last year’s winter was Missoula’s 18th coldest on record. Overall, western Montana experienced  its coldest year ever in over two decades.

Damaging winds

Missoula has also recently seen its fair share of damaging winds. In September 2019, a winter storm resulted in at least a couple of feet of snow in Glacier National Park (in higher elevations), as well as several inches of snow on the lower valley floors —  marked as a historical event. Consequently, over 50 car crashes and slide-offs occurred in the Missoula Valley. Just last February, a high wind warning was issued across western Montana. Missoula, along with the Flathead, Bitterroot and Mission Valleys, was hit with winds between 30 and 40 mph, with some gusts of up to 60 mph. The warning also extended to Jefferson, Lewis & Clark and Meagher Counties, central Montana, and the Canadian border. Winds of this strength and speed commonly impede travel in high profile vehicles, snap tree limbs and trunks, damage property, and down power lines.

Dealing with property damage

If extreme weather or a storm causes property damage, it’s important Missoula residents and business owners act immediately. The longer it takes to file an insurance claim, the higher the risk of it being underpaid or denied. In particular,  roof damage is a serious issue to look for that may not be immediately noticeable. If damage has occurred to the roof, wet spots may appear on the ceiling, water may leak through vents and skylights, and leaks in the corner of the structure may also occur. In this case, it’s important to contact the one of the best roofing contractors to professionally inspect the roof and document the damage to  make sure the insurance company doesn’t underpay the money owed to the claimant.

As Missoulians know, extreme weather is a part of life in this area of the country. Property damage is unfortunately a common result of harsh conditions. It’s important that Missoula residents work with reputable contractors and insurance companies to receive the compensation they’re due.