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Artsy Fartsy Captions

By BOB WIRE -A recent family trip to the Seattle Art Museum provided some spectacular images of mind-bending approaches to modern art. Check out these photos:... more

Is American Idol Really That Bad?

By BOB WIRE -Is American really such a bad thing? Normally I would say the show is a cultural black hole. But it’s kind of fun when I watch it with my wife and daughter.... more

Do You Know What’s Under There?

By BOB WIRE -The day I pulled on my first pair of boxer shorts is the day I became a Man. I was probably 12 or so when I graduated from tighty whities.... more

Ten Things I Dig About Missoula

By BOB WIRE - I thought I'd make a list of things I dig about Missoula. To spice things up a bit, I've also collected a few opinions from Regular Joes asking: "What do you love about Missoula?"... more

20 Surefire Signs You’re Married to a Guitar Player

By BOB WIRE - We guitar players...we’re weird. We know it. If your partner is a guitarist, well, you have my sympathies. Here are twenty ways a guitar freak keeps your life interesting. ... more

Where is Flight 370? These Guys Have No Idea

By BOB WIRE-At last count, 26 countries were involved in the massive search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Was it hijacked? Sucked up into the heavens? Check out these transcripts of radio communications.... more

Highway 93 Haiku

By BOB WIRE-Highway 93 is my favorite Western Montana stretch of road. Few road experiences make your heart soar like it does the moment you set eyes on the Mission Mountains or Flathead Lake.... more

Are Missoula Drivers the Worst?

By BOB WIRE-I grew up in a military family so we moved around a lot. All the towns I've lived in boast that they have the worst drivers in the world--Missoula is no exception.... more

The Dog Sled Days of Winter Are Here

By BOB WIRE-The Dog Days of Summer. Sounds pretty damned good right about now, huh? Well, barring a six-month coma, we’ll have to wait for it here in Missoula.... more

Nurse Bob is on Duty

By BOB WIRE-Welcome to Sick City! My wife and both kids have fallen ill. They are spewing gunk out of every orifice, and I am trying to avoid exposure to the nasty bug.... more

Another Boring Romantic, That’s Me

By BOB WIRE- It's the little things. Like the way I have a nice hot cup of tea waiting for her after she shovels the driveway. Who says I'm not romantic? I got romance up the wazoo.... more

Shaving: The Manliest of Father-Son Moments

By BOB WIRE- It’s a bittersweet thing, teaching your son how to shave. It’s a great bonding opportunity, but it also signals a big step away from childhood...and as most parents know, steps away from home.... more

XX Things to Watch For in the Super Bowl

By BOB WIRE-Janet Jackson and 'Nipplegate' taught me a valuable lesson about the Super Bowl: don’t look away. You might miss something. Here are XX things to watch for this Super Bowl:... more

Americana? Don’t Fence (mender) Me In

By BOB WIRE - I have to credit Rigel Banqueshot for introducing me to alt-country. I probably would have stumbled across the genre on my own, but like your first acid trip, it’s good to have an experienced gu... more

I Got The Rubbermaid Blues

By BOB WIRE -I'm living in tupperware hell. I have banned the reuse of all plastic containers. I got overwhelmed with the mismatched lids and containers that overran our kitchen cupboards.... more

Jeopardy Test Proves I am Dummer Than a Fifth Grader

By BOB WIRE - I took the online Jeopardy! test yesterday. Don’t bother setting your DVR; I won’t be appearing on the show any time soon.... more

Gifts for Pets a Family Tradition

By BOB WIRE - What do you get for the pet who has everything? Let me answer that with another question: what pet doesn't already have everything? ... more

Dear Santa, Here’s My List of Demands

By BOB WIRE - "Bob, what do you want for Christmas?" That question always freezes me up. But, since you asked, here goes: A jet pack, a robot maid, a cattle prod...oh, and.... ... more

You Can’t Put that Nerve-Shattering, Pants-Crapping Sound in a Radio Spot!

By BOB WIRE - Commercial radio has to run commercials to survive, right? Duh. It’s the first word in their name.But there are just some sounds that should NOT be on the radio.... more

The Perfect Gift For Every Musician On Your List

By BOB WIRE - With Christmas creeping up like a Visa card-murdering sniper, here's my annual list of gift suggestions for the musicians on your list. This year, buy em' a hat.... more

Another Turkey Under the Belt

By BOB WIRE - I’d just pulled the bird, a mere 12-pounder, out of the oven after 3-1/2 hours of roasting. Was it fully cooked? 15 minutes per pound, twelve pound bird, three hours, right?... more

Facebook Food Panics Turn My Stomach

By BOB WIRE - When I Facebook, it won’t be because they sell my personal info to advertisers and spammers, it will be because I can’t take one more shocking revelation that the food I’m eating will kill ... more

Why is Bob Wire So Angry Today?

By BOB WIRE - We get a lot of emails here at Bob Wire World Headquarters (not to mention the occasional foul-smelling parcel), and I thought it was high time I share some of them with you.... more

Serving the Customer is Key to Customer Service

By BOB WIRE - It’s common knowledge that if you want to get out ahead of your competition, something as seemingly obvious as a swiftly returned phone call is a big head start.... more

Coming Full Circle in Three Chords

By BOB WIRE- “Can we play Louie Louie? You bet your ass we can play Louie Louie!” In 1984 when I was playing with my first band, Rotten Tuna, we only knew eight songs, and they all sounded like Louie Louie.... more

Trick or Treating: How Old is Too Old?

By BOB WIRE- Halloween is upon us. Time to load up on little Butterfingers and remove the bulb from the porch light. Okay, it’s not my favorite holiday. Why? Simple. I’ve outgrown it. ... more

Hall of Fame Cannot Repel the KISS Army

By BOB WIRE- You may be among those who think the Hall of Fame is silly, irrelevant, phony and stupid. But for rock and roll, it’s the only way to officially enshrine its top practitioners.... more

A Casualty in the Practical Joke War

By BOB WIRE- I love a good practical joke. Over the years, sharp-eyed Missoulians have seen me driving around town with a fake foot and lower leg hanging out the bottom of the driver’s door.... more

Man Vs. Wasp

By BOB WIRE- At last the story can be told. It’s a tale of horror, pain, insects and payback. And it’s all true.... more

10 Bands That Didn’t Quit When They Should Have

By BOB WIRE- Here, in no particular order, are ten bands that kicked ass for a while and then failed to call it a day when they should have. And one that did.... more

Hitting Musical Home Runs in Missoula (VIDEOS)

By BOB WIRE- (VIDEOS) A couple of Missoula musical moments this week buoyed my spirits, kindled my hope, and shined a beam of light through the fog of malaise and banality that dominates popular music.... more

Summer Better Than Others

By BOB WIRE- This year that schizo three-month stretch of Montana heaven between Memorial Day and Labor Day was full of high points, low points, and everything in between.... more

The Big Sleep

By BOB WIRE- I like sleep. You like sleep. Everybody likes sleep. But my teenaged kids really, really like sleep. They don’t sleep so much as hibernate on a 24-hour cycle.... more

Top Ten Rules for a Good Yard Sale

By BOB WIRE- Pay attention to my top 10 Rules for a Good Yard Sale and you’ll make more money, more friends, and have a much smaller pile of useless crap to take to Goodwill afterwards.... more

Hey Bob, Go Jump in a Lake

By BOB WIRE (VIDEO) I used to be reckless--“jump from the fifth floor balcony into the pool” kind of reckless". Now, eating jalapeños on my nachos without taking a Prevacid first is as reckless as I get.... more

What NOT to Buy Your Wife For Your Anniversary

By BOB WIRE - I'm told that the responsibility for celebrating wedding anniversaries falls completely on the husband and that a vacuum cleaner may NOT be the best choice in gifts.... more

My Guitar’s On Fire and That’s OK

By BOB WIRE - I love my guitar. And now that it's 'El Fuego' with a custom paint job, I love it even more! This functional piece of art allows me to play what I call 'Maximum Honky Tonk'.... more

So you Have OCD? BFD

By BOB WIRE - Five million Americans suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD. There are thousands of us who actually enjoy it.... more

Partial Sellout: Bob’s Favorite Sports Quotes

By BOB WIRE - So many overpaid muscle heads you see on TV try to sound profound, and just come across as the steroid-addled boobs that they are. Bob Wire's favorite sports quotes:... more

Hey Heloise, I Got Your Household Hints Right Here

By BOB WIRE - (VIDEO) As a kid I was fascinated with a newspaper column called 'Hints From Heloise'. I always thought of her as Betty Crocker's trashy sister and today I'm debunking some of her household tips. ... more

I Survived the 13-Hour Cereal Sale

By BOB WIRE - Growing up, I was affectionately known within my family as the Cereal Killer. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning, a bowl after school, and I'd often sneak one after dinner.... more

Field Trips Are Great Except For Tick Fever

By BOB WIRE - Ah, a trip down memory lane. Both my kids are in high school now, and the impending last day of school makes me think of simpler times, when I still held sway over them and their classmates.... more

Sanctioned Ditch Day? Lame.

By BOB WIRE - Obviously, an officially sanctioned ditch day is an oxymoron, like the phrase “Facebook privacy policy.” So, like every other senior class before us, we had our own ditch day.... more

Bob Wire’s Antidote to Neutered Rock

By BOB WIRE - Rock and roll is systematically being neutered. But here are a few new artists who make music with a big swingin’ pair. They are all women and they’re bringing balls back to rock and roll. ... more

Don’t Be That Guy

By BOB WIRE - Stomping around onstage in front of a bar full of rowdy music fans is a pleasure that only a few will ever know. But I've hung up my spurs, mostly because of 'THAT GUY'.... more

A Dog’s Life: The Indignity of the Vet’s Office

By BOB WIRE - I wish I shared my dog’s optimism about visiting the doctor. I suppose it would help if someone offered me snacks and promised me a stop at the Bark Park... more