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What is art? One hundred people can view a work of art and come away with one hundred different interpretations. And the artist will probably say, no, you’re all wrong. THIS is what I was trying to say.

A recent family trip to the Seattle Art Museum provided some spectacular images of mind-bending approaches to modern art. Here are a few photos, along with some commentary.

(If I ever open an art museum I’m going to call it Artsy Fartsy.)




“Psst. Hey, bud, you have a big piece of Play-Doh in your nose.”



“No, seriously, it’s called ‘people style.”



“Drop Cloth” Price: $840,000



“Today’s Trip To the Art Museum Is Brought To You By the Letter T!” Price: $186,000



“Damn it, Grandpa, couldn’t you for once in your life read the directions? How are we supposed to sit in this thing?”



From the artist: “I’m having a hard time coming up with a title for this one. ‘Black and…something.’ ‘Night and…something.’ I don’t know. It escapes me.” Price: $400,000



From the artist: “What do I call it? Hell, I don’t know. I found it under the pier.”



“Two By Fours Dropped by the Maintenance Guy” Price: $715,000 (installation extra)



“I Am Building the World’s Smallest Kitchen In the Middle Of My Living Room” Price: $67,000 per sq. ft



“Skeletal Remains of a Big Ass Rubik’s Cube” Price: $20,000×6


“Chicken Wire Chingado” Price: 450,000 pesos



“Bueller…? Bueller…? Bueller…?”



From the artist: “I don’t know what you call it, but I’ll tell you this—it’s the most expensive drawer pull they have at Home Depot.”



“Wait a second. You’re telling me that chemtrails are actually a plasma net laid over the earth by aliens to contain our psychic energy from escaping into space? Whoa. Hey, can I buy some of this pot from you?”




“This piece represents the rigidity and hard-wired expectations of our modern American world. It’s all right angles and smooth surfaces, which reflect our culture’s adherence to the status quo, to the unyielding societal mores that force the artist to exist outside the box of normalcy.”



“Never Mind”



“What a beautiful suit! Do you have it in a Men’s 44 Long? And will it protect me from chemtrails?”

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