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We’re passionate about helping everyone pursue a healthy lifestyle in spirit, mind and body and our members get to take advantage of programs, services and our facility to help them do just that.


Excitement abounds with our newly remodeled Health and Wellness Center!  Gone are the drab walls and carpets and NEW are machines and our cycling studio and cardio equipment, strength equipment, and training space.
This fresh take on health and wellness improves accessibility for all people by opening up space and removing any obstacles that bar the way to equipment.  It also flaunts comfort and brightness that is sure to keep health seekers motivated.

Picture24Indeed, the opinions and insights of health seekers were a huge part in this remodel.  For instance, one observation that was made was the embarrassment of having ones rear end being obtrusive while riding the spin bikes. Hence, our new cycling studio, which has halfway frosted glass to shield one’s backside.  Our equipment is also arranged in a more pleasing manner for health seekers, and vigor and well being thrive in the niceness of this newly remodeled space. This center includes circuit training machines and free weights, stationary and recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical treadmills, arc trainers, Espresso fitness bikes, spinning bikes and our wood-floor group exercise studio.

Healthy Living Tips

Missoula Family YMCA is proud to bring you the Healthy Living Tips.  This is your chance to get some advice on health and wellness for you and your family.  These are tips that you can add into your everyday life that will help your family become healthier and as a result happier.  Don’t forget to check back every week for new tips!

Group Exercise

We invite you to take pleasure in your exercise in an environment of camaraderie and enjoyment that makes sweating fun!  Group exercise classes provide a supportive atmosphere for your workouts, and are ongoing and for all levels.  Most classes are included in membership, and you are encouraged to participate in as many as you like! You can design a fitness schedule that is tailored to your own needs but with group support and inspiration that comes from a class. We provide all types of classes, from Yoga to Cardio to cycling.  With continued participation, you are sure to reach fitness goals and further your endurance, flexibility and strength.

Youth sports leagues

2015-08-18_0854Sports leagues through the YMCA strengthen both our community and your little ones sports skills.  Everyone involved helps develop our goals of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Practices and games are a joy for kids and parents alike, and lifelong skills such as practice and teamwork are put into play both on and off the field. Sports leagues are a fantastic way for kids to make friends and develop sporty skills that will carry with them for the rest of their years, and to have a fun experience.  Practices are once a week and games are on weekends, in the fine sports of Basketball and Soccer. Read more about youth sports options.

Senior classes

As you get up in the years, it’s especially important to keep your body in ship shape.  We offer senior classes for lower impact body conditioning for you to keep in shape.  With Silversneakers, Sit & Be Strong, and our new Arthritis classes, we make it easy to stay limber.  Incorporating all major muscle groups and addressing strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, and all the good stuff  you’d want to be addressed in a fitness class, seniors will be rejuvenated and strengthened and properly socialized for the great life ahead. Try out some classes today for a fun fit and fantastic way to keep in a fine feather. Read more about senior fitness options.