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Childcare at the Missoula YMCA


At the Y, we believe that quality child care should be available for everyone.  In fact, the Y is the nation’s largest child care provider. At the Missoula Family YMCA, we care for more than 250 children in licensed child care each day. We know that having quality child care is important to the well-being of children and families. Parents can feel comfortable going to work knowing their children are being cared for in a healthy, loving, safe environment. We provide child care that supports and strengthens families and nurtures the healthy, successful growth and development of each child involved.

Missoula YMCAThe Missoula Family YMCA is unique in that we have the opportunity to provide steady and reliable care for children from when they reach six weeks old, in our early childcare centers, through fifth grade in Afterschool care and summer camps.  Healthy habits, exercise, and nutritious foods are incorporated into the daily routine with all our childcare options.  Our child care takes pride in imparting our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility to children at an early age.

We have several different child care settings, each specifically geared to the different stages of child development.  Learn more about Childcare at the Missoula YMCA.

Early Childcare

Through the Missoula YMCA, we offer three early childcare centers in convenient locations near you for infant childcare through pre-school age childcare.  All childcare centers have various semblances, such as delightfully diverting fenced-in playgrounds, learning components to support your child’s development of knowledge, and fresh and satisfying breakfasts, lunches and snacks that meet the USDA food program guidelines.  These centers all offer further opportunities for liveliness as well; swim lessons, Rookie 2015-08-18_0854Sports, and tumbling are all available.  Stimulating curriculum and guest speakers also rouse your child’s emotional and social skills in the compassionate and kindhearted environment of the YMCA.

The Learning Center, located at 268A Palmer Street, accommodates five classrooms and boasts an exceptional cook to provide nutritious meals.

The Exploration Center, located at 2120 Ernest Ave, boasts a mini-schoolhouse experience.

The Development Center, located at 2900 S. Russell, has the added benefit of being on our YMCA’s main campus with access to the accommodations located there.

The Y Afterschool Club

Have a ball with the YMCA Afterschool Club!  Every day children in Afterschool fill their bellies with nourishing snacks, physically exert themselves for at least thirty minutes, and plug away at homework during study time with the intelligent aide of our fantastic and responsible counselors.  In addition, there’s a full calendar of activities that include arts and crafts, science experiments, field trips, special guests, swimming, and more!