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Keeping Pace with Summer in the Flathead Valley

By KELLYN BROWN - The other day at the gym my teacher forewarned the class in front of him that the next exercise made a previous student puke from exhaustion. ... more

What Does the Future Hold? Long-Range Planning for Run Wild Missoula

By DAVID SCHMETTERLING - Here in Missoula, we have a successful running club: 1400+ runners of all levels, a fantastic marathon, and more. What does the future hold?... more

Get Inspired by Run Wild Missoula’s Beginner Runner Training Class

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Were you inspired by the Missoula Marathon? Run Wild Missoula will offer a eight-week Beginner Runner Training Class starting Aug. 15.... more

The Clumsy Ninjas Take on the Waterton-Glacier Relay

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - The Waterton-Glacier Relay is a 100-mile race from Cardston, Alberta to East Glacier. My team, the Clumsy Ninjas, were up for the challenge.... more

Missoula Marathon Cool-Down: Set a Post-Race Running Goal

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Scores of competitors from around the world ran the Missoula Marathon last weekend. To keep up the running mojo, try setting a post-race goal.... more

Take a Walk: The Glacial Lake Missoula High-Water Mark

By KP NICHOLS - 15,000 years ago, Missoula was underwater. Today, you can hike to the highwater mark on Sentinel and Jumbo and use your imagination to fill in the details.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Ingredients for a Great Race

By TRISHA DROBECK - The Missoula Marathon has a formula for putting on a good race: Focus on participants' experience instead of gimmicks to rack up the numbers.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Missoula Marathon Gear Bags

By WAYNE CHAMBERLAIN - It's the little things, like water stops, first aid, and good food that make a race special. So it is with the Missoula Marathon Gear Bag Program.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Back of the Pack Cheerleaders

By PAM GARDINER - Long after the crowd has thinned, the Back of the Pack cheerleaders stay until the very last (best) runner has crossed the Missoula Marathon finish line.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Co-Course Director Mike Foote

By MIKE FOOTE - As a Missoulian and Co-Course Director, it is so important to me to support so many runners in realizing their goals at the Missoula Marathon on July 8.... more

The Great Pre-Race Missoula Marathon Course Clean-Up

By VO VON SEHLEN - The Missoula Marathon showcases Missoula to runners from all over the world. We need your help to clean up the course and put our best foot forward! ... more

Missoula Marathon Volunteers Have More Fun!

By JERI DELYS - The Missoula Marathon is just weeks away, and the buzz is really starting to hit the streets of Missoula. It's not too late to sign up to be a volunteer!... more

Reflections on Coming in Last Place at the Pengelly Double Dip

By MISTY GAUBATZ - I signed up for the Pengelly Double Dip race with no idea what I was getting myself into. I may even have been mildly intoxicated. Mildly.... more

The Story of Missoula’s “M”

By MAKE IT MISSOULA. At 620 feet above the city of Missoula and and elevation of 5,158 on the slope of Mt. Sentinel sits a symbol that has become synonymous not only with the University of Montana, but also th... more

A Saturday Breakfast Walk/Run on Waterworks Hill

By MARILYN MARLER - Each Saturday at 8, a group of runners meet for the Breakfast Run. Last week, we headed to Waterworks Hill to see spring's latest wildflowers.... more

Pengelly Double Dip Celebrates Missoula’s Trails and Friends

By KEVIN TWIDWELL - In addition to honoring David Pengelly, the 2012 Pengelly Double Dip is a tribute to Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco of “Born to Run" fame.... more

May 30 Training Run for the Missoula Kids’ Marathon

By KATHLEEN DEVLIN - Hey families! The Missoula Kids' Marathon training run is May 30 at 5:30 at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. There will be music and a Monte visit!... more

Run for Fun with Missoula Youth Track

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Kids in kindergarten through middle school can join Missoula Youth Track, a four-week program that introduces kids to the fun of running. ... more

Start ‘Em Young! The Paxson Elementary School Running Club

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - When my son started kindergarten at Paxson Elementary, I was really excited for him to be part of was the Paxson Running Club.... more

Running a Long Way: The Spokane River Run Ultramarathon

By ANNA RUSSELL - I never thought I would run an ultramarathon, but after racing in the River Run 50K Ultramarathon in Spokane recently, I think I've changed my mind.... more

Safety and Self-Defense for Runners

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - On Monday, Run Wild Missoula and the Runner’s Edge hosted a “Safety and Self-Defense for Runners” seminar. Here's some tips for running safely.... more

Running Buddies Forever: At the Back of the Pack

By PAM GARDINER - A year ago, Carol Drake and Donna Bennett were new runners. Today, they sport a great friendship and matching Back of the Pack tattoos.... more

Catch the Run Wild Missoula Bus to Bloomsday

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Run Wild Missoula’s bus to Bloomsday on May 6 is an easy way for runners to get to Spokane for the race and back in one day. And it's fun!... more

Join Run Wild Missoula’s Tuesday Track Workouts

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Olympian Courtney Babcock coaches Run Wild Missoula's Tuesday Track workouts at Dornblazer Field. All ages and abilities are welcome!... more

Running, Walking, and Connecting at a Conversational Place

By PAM GARDINER - The Run Wild Missoula Back of the Pack is celebrating its one year anniversary. We run, walk, converse, and socialize. Everyone is welcome - join us!... more

Walk a Marathon? You Can Do It with Run Wild Missoula!

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Run Wild Missoula's class will help you train to walk the Missoula Marathon. Learn how to walk more efficiently, increase endurance, and more.... more

So Many Reasons to Run for the Luck of It!

By JEN VON SEHLEN - On Saturday, March 10th, Run Wild Missoula presents the third annual Run for the Luck of It! 7-Mile, 5K, and Kids’ Dash.... more

Photo Finish: Neil Chaput de Saintonge for Run Wild Missoula

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Run Wild Missoula and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery will host a running photo exhibit that opens on Friday, March 2.... more

Back of the Pack Runners’ Book Club

By PAM GARDINER - A spotlight on books written for the slower runners at the Back of the Pack. John “The Penguin” Bingham is a master of books for the BOP.... more

Ready, Set, Train! for the Missoula Marathon

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Is completing a marathon on your bucket list? Join Run Wild Missoula for its Missoula Marathon training class that begins on March 4. ... more

A Run to Honor Sherry Arnold

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - This Saturday, runners will honor Sherry Arnold.... more

Just Another Missoula 5K Race (or Not)

By SCOTT & DARA ROUSE - The Catchem If You Can 5K takes place on Saturday, February 11 at 9:30 a.m. It features the most unique 5K format in town - and free ice cream!... more

The Importance of Running (and Playing)

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Running is an important part of my life, but it’s easy to put it on the backburner. But I always realize when I get out and run that it makes me more efficient, creative, and energetic.... more

Hear Running Coach Jeff Galloway in Person (and It’s Free!)

By PAM GARDINER - Run Wild Missoula is bringing Jeff Galloway to town for a free talk on Wed., Jan 18. This event will inspire all runners who want to run for a lifetime, without injury. YOU CAN DO IT! ... more

Galloway Training for the 2012 Missoula Marathon

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Marathon running gets more popular each year. Run Wild Missoula's Galloway Training Class uses Olympian Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method to finish a marathon injury-free. ... more

My New Year Running Goals

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - I've been thinking about what I want for 2012: My goal is to run a sub-20 minute 5K. There, I said it. It’s out to anyone reading this, so now I HAVE to work toward it.... more

How I Started Running

By WALT MAX - My non-runner friends ask, "How did you get started running?" And I tell them, "It was a '69 Kawasaki 500 H1."... more

My First Last Best Place Finish

By PAM GARDINER - As 2011 winds down, I review my year as a runner. One of the most recent and noteworthy memories was my first-ever experience of finishing last in a race.... more

The Art of Letting Go When Race Disaster Strikes

By ANNA RUSSELL - At some point or another, most runners have experienced a letdown in some form or another. The best thing to do is to learn from it and move on to the next race.... more

Dreams of Running and Running in Dreams – in Missoula

By MISTY GAUBATZ - Recently, I dreamt I was running. As I ran the Turkey Day 8k last week, I remembered the dream I had and I realized I was living the dream while I was running.... more

Diabetes and Running: A Beginner Runs the Missoula Half-Marathon

By GINA BROWN - I am a runner, and I happen to have type one diabetes. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from running the Missoula Half-Marathon.... more

Back of the Pack Runners Welcome New Members

By PAM GARDINER, Wellbuddies Coaching Run Wild Missoula’s Back of the Pack mailing list started up just a year ago. Since that time, more than 100 dedicated runners and walkers have gathered around the mot... more

‘Tis the Season for Cold Weather Running

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Kickstart the holiday season with the Turkey Day 8K and 3K Family Fun Run on Thanksgiving Day. The event will be on Thursday, November 24 at 9:30 a.m. Races start near Toole Park on the Ri... more

A Birthday Party Run Wild

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG When it came time to plan my son’s sixth birthday party, it only made sense that it would have a running theme. I eat, sleep, and breathe running, and Milo has become more enthusiasti... more

Galloway Training Welcomes Runners from the Back of the Pack

Pam Gardiner talks about how the Galloway Training method has helped her and other non-traditional runners train for and finish the Missoula Marathon and Half-Marathon.... more

Run Wild Missoula Beer Runs

By PAT CROSS. How did these Beer Runs start? They got their start a few weeks before the 2010 Missoula Marathon, a bunch of us had gathered on a warm Wednesday evening at the North Side Kettle House Brewery for... more

Run Wild Missoula Members Come in All Shapes and Sizes

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG. Run Wild Missoula members—all 1,250 of them, although different—are ALL inspiring in some way whether it’s taking their first steps to start training for a 5K, winning the Missoula Ma... more

Missoula All Women’s 5K Run on Diva Day, Oct. 8, 2011

By SUE FALSEY. For the fourth year in a row, the City of Missoula and Mayor Engen have proclaimed an early Saturday in October as Diva Day--to acknowledge and celebrate the central role of women in this commu... more

Who Will I Find at the Back of the Pack?

By PAM GARDINER. We have been writing about the BOP (Back of the Pack) for several months now, but we have not in the process made it clear who belongs in this group. That’s because the definition is, truly,... more

Missoula Celebrates “Runner Friendly Community” Designation

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG. Most of us in who consider ourselves runners in Missoula already know that we are a runner friendly community, but last week those feelings were validated when the Road Runners Club of Amer... more