Calling All Divas! Join the All-Women’s 5K Run on Missoula Diva Day


With Loie Turner’s reading of Mayor Engen’s Proclamation of October 8, 2011 as Diva Day in Missoula, 900+ women started their fun day with a 5K Run/Walk facilitated by Run Wild Missoula and hosted by Community Medical Center.

We are expecting even more participants and more fun times this year, thanks to all our sponsors: Alpine Physical Therapy, Skin Chic, Four Paws Veterinary Clinic, The Women’s Club, Lambert Family Chiropractic, The Living Room, Runner’s Edge, Exact Image, and 102.5 Mountain FM.

Women of all ages, generations, and fitness levels can all benefit from the coming together to encourage each other, celebrate and enjoy a grand day for themselves. The grandmothers can inspire their granddaughters, the young ones can hop, skip, and jump their way to a finish, mothers and daughters can cheer and run side by side for support. Memories are made in company of friends, colleagues, family and our competitors.

This is the day for all of the women to be Divas, for fitness, for health, for the pure enjoyment of being out and on the move. Our gracious host is again Community Medical Center, and with their spirit and energy, the party will be better than ever.

This year’s Diva Day festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. on October 6 at the Community Medical Center campus. Activities and enteraintment include music from Mountain FM 102.5, Oula dance and other activities from The Women’s Club, free quick makeovers from Skin Chic, and more.

See the Run Wild Missoula website for details.

A young diva runs in the Missoula Diva Day 5K.

A young diva runs in the 2011 Missoula Diva Day 5K.

Why did the women and girls come to the event?

86% noted the social/fun part, 12% noted serious running, 14% were “persuaded” by their team/family to participate. 82% very pleased, 16% somewhat pleased, so over 98% pleased with it. 96% will be back this year.

And 97% will recommend it a friend. Why?

“It’s the best 5k race of the year.” “Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” “I joined a team and had a blast on diva day!” “It’s becoming a yearly ‘thing’ for me and my friends!” “To” introduce my sister to her first 5K!” “for my mother (I do all runs for her).” “I had surgery & chemo last year for breast cancer & walking it was a personal goal.” “getting back into shape after my daughter was born, she did it with me!” “AWESOME!! So much fun!” “Had a most fabulous time with my friends – this was my first Diva race and I had a blast!!!” “I loved the photo booth and massages after!” “I love the atmosphere of the race/pre and post. There is always a lot to do and see!”

More comments…

  • “Love the Diva Day run! It’s an event that I feel relaxed in and can enjoy running while being incognito with the ladies..”
  • “This was my first Diva day run and we had a ball. My workout partner and I did it together and really enjoyed the energy. We decided we were way under-dressed, so will try to do better next year. LOVED the costumes!!”
  • “Gathering that many women in one place and having such a positive and energetic vibe was AMAZING!”
  • “This time with a whole team!!!! Only my mom and myself (with my baby) ran this year.”
  • “I’m bringing a friend and my mom next year too!”
  • “This was my first Diva Day and I am going to bring more of my family members and friends along next year. It is such a wonderful way for women to get out and support one another. This world would be a better place if we could support each other like this every day.”
  • “I run every year for diva day.”
  • “I will be there if I am still living here. I love this run, I love what it supports, I love that it’s all female, I love that it is a ton of fun.”
  • “Yes, but it was a fun girls getaway. (We came from WA).”
  • “I want someone to come plan a costume for me…. No, really. You all do a wonderful job with this. It is a highlight of the year!.”
So, all you Missoula Divas, lace up those running shoes and join in the Diva Day fun. Come and celebrate your strength, your future and your past with your friends, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, nieces… all are welcome!


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Sue Falsey is the Co-Race Director of the Missoula All Women’s 5K.