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F*#%ing Laundry

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. I hate laundry!!!! For goodness sake. I know how to do it. Really I do. But I just don’t care enough. Or more to the point, I do care, but not as much as I care about things like my childre... more

Summer Feet

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. Say it ain’t so… summer is, gulp, over? But I don’t have my summer feet yet.... more

Camp Elke

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. When I was in college, my dream job was to be a camp director. Perhaps it still is. I was MADE for camp. One thing I never thought of was the fact that somewhere other than camp, there was ma... more

Get Outta Town…

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. Sometimes the very best way to love a place is to get the heck outta there. This is consistently the case for me with Missoula.... more

Norman’s Got Nothing on Missoula

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. The nostalgia of our town is also its future. The ability to take people back to their childhoods, to a time when the grasses were hip-height and adventure called from right outside your door... more

Getting Schooled

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. About this time every year I start getting calls. Worried calls. Trying to make the right choice calls. Trying to not make the wrong choice calls. Calls from terrified, about to start kinderg... more

Missoula’s Carousel

[caption id="attachment_52843" align="alignright" width="250"] Ellinor Schultz enjoys her pony ride. Photo by ©Jeffrey Schultz.[/caption] Each year kids of all ages flock to the carousel in Caras Park to ... more

Dragon Hollow Play Land

Created in just nine days in 2001 with the help of over 4,000 volunteers, Dragon Hollow is a magical play land adjacent to A Carousel for Missoula. After the opening of the Carousel in 1995, attention tu... more


By ELKE GOVERTSEN. I know this is a blog about being a mom in Missoula. I will take every advantage to tell you about my sons, how brilliant and beautiful and sweet they are. How very difficult it is to keep up... more

Having it All

Blog by Elke Govertsen of Mamalode. It is gone. There used to be this lingering itch, like one in an unreachable spot on my back. It drove me nuts. It kept me from sleeping. It was completely out of reach. It w... more

Missoula Wins Playful City USA Award

In 2009 KaBOOM!, a national non-profit organization, confirmed what many Missoulians already knew to be true – Missoula is one of the most Playful Cities in the nation. Playful City USA is a KaBOOM! progra... more

Drop-in Child Care

Looking for child care for a night on the town, while you shop, or to catch a Griz game at the U? Or maybe you’re seeking permanent child care but have a need for care in the meantime? Missoulians are fort... more

Missoula Children’s Theatre

Long a Missoula staple, the MCT is now far more than a local gem. For nearly 40 years, the Missoula Children's Theatre and MCT Community Theatre have delighted locals and visitors alike with outstanding full... more