How to Choose the Perfect International School for Your Children

One of the toughest challenges of moving to another country is finding a school for your child. Unless your new country is English-speaking, your son or daughter won’t be able to join students of the nearby school, therefore you will have to solve a pretty complex puzzle of how to find a good international school that can cater to their needs. 

Lucky for you, there are other parents who face the same challenges and successfully overcome them everywhere across the globe, and they gladly share their experiences with others. We talked with some of them and here is their advice on how to choose the perfect international school for your children.

Consider All Options

First of all, you have to make a list of options you have at your disposal. The best thing you can do is to put on that list every single school that exists, and yes, even those that do not seem very attractive at first glance. Why? Because that first glance is often wrong, and also because many international schools have waiting lists. In addition to that, keep in mind that some places are not happy about taking a new student in the middle of the school year. 

The other side of the story is that some schools may offer a fantastic spectrum of exciting extra-curricular activities but not sufficient quality in the main subjects. Avoid schools where teachers change frequently as it is never a good sign. 

Curriculum and Ethos

Quality education should be a priority but even the best teachers can’t work miracles if your child is not fluent in the language the school curriculum is conducted. Here we come to one of the most significant twists in the whole plot – languages. English is arguably the most widespread language across international schools with French and German options being found in big cities. It’s great if English is your native language but what if your child is not that good at it, or doesn’t know English at all? Well, no need to panic, but in this particular case, you have to look for a school that provides additional support for such students. 

Speaking of ethos, the importance of roots, values, and traditions are hard to overestimate. Almost all good international schools have websites where you can learn quite a lot about their philosophy, approach to the idea of a successful person, and history. For instance, parents who visit, Rugby School Thailand site, can see that this international school shares the DNA with Rugby UK, meaning it belongs to one of the world’s most famous alumni networks that can brag of over 450-year long history. Look for the school that is proud of its history, people, and traditions.

Fees and Costs

International schools come with a plethora of benefits but all good things usually have a good price. We hope your employer is ready to cover at least a part of the costs and, of course, you are really lucky if your company pays for it completely. Well, if not, then your budget does matter. Keep in mind that yearly fees usually do not reflect the full cost of studying and many schools charge extra for enrollment. On the bright side, not all international schools are very expensive and a lot depends on the city you currently live in. What’s more, some places worth moving to just for the great education-price ratio.

Friendly Environment

Moving to a new country is not easy for adults but it is even harder for kids. Do not forget that they will have to make new friends or, otherwise, they won’t be happy and this is the least you want. Your son or daughter is going to spend the great bulk of his or her time at school, hence the friendly atmosphere is very important. Engaging activities like team sports, acting, music are great for creating a healthy and encouraging environment. 

Another significant moment is teachers and how they are connected to their students. Avoid those who do not seem sincerely engaged with what they are doing because they will never make an extra move to help your child if any problem arises. Look for teachers that truly love their job and believe that every kid is unique. At the end of the day, it is all about your child, his or her strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. 

The process of finding the right international school for your children doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming, all the more so, now you know how to choose the perfect fit. Just do not forget your son or daughter also has a say!