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Photo Gallery: Griz Fall to the Cats 16-7 in 2012 Brawl of the Wild

By AUSTIN SMITH - The Montana Grizzlies suffered their third home loss Saturday, a season-ending 16-7 struggle against their conference rival the Montana State Bobcats.... more

Photo Gallery: Griz Win Big Over Minot State 82-53

By AUSTIN SMITH - ‘Tinkle’s Titans’ flexed some serious Montana muscle Wednesday evening to secure a contested 82-53 win over the Minot State Beavers. ... more

Photo Gallery: Lady Griz Trounce MSU-Northern 75-45

By AUSTIN SMITH - Freshman Shanae Gilham earned her second ‘Player of the Game’ honors Tuesday evening as the Lady Griz trounced the MSU-Northern Skylights 75-45 for their third win this season.... more

Photo Gallery: Lady Griz Beat Minot State, 85-47

By AUSTIN SMITH - The Lady Griz are officially on a win streak after Monday’s 85-47 thrashing of Minot State in the second game of their 2012-13 season.... more

Photo Gallery: Grizzly Hoops win 86-68 over Lewis & Clark State

By AUSTIN SMITH - The University of Montana men’s basketball crew opened their 2012-13 season Thursday evening with a solid 86-68 win over the Lewis & Clark State Warriors. ... more

Photo Gallery: Lady Griz vs. Carroll College Knights

By AUSTIN SMITH - Robin Selvig’s 2012-13 Lady Griz came out strong and didn’t let up in an early season 72-45 victory over the Carroll College Knights on Tuesday.... more

Keep on Keepin’ on, Lady Griz!

By BROOKLYNN LORENZEN - As Lady Griz, we’re taught not only how to play basketball at the highest level, but also how to be upstanding student-athletes, role models, and people.... more

Lady Griz Basketball Pre-Game Rituals

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON - I've been reminiscing about Lady Griz memories and pre-game rituals. Routines, rituals, superstitions... call them what you want, they formulate after years of playing together.... more

Skyla Sisco Goes From Griz to Zebra

By SKYLA SISCO - In my college days, I was definitely the passionate, competitive type. Upon graduating, I had the suspicion that a self-imposed penance of officiating was in order.... more

All Things Lady Griz: Reintroducing Shannon Cate

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON - Shannon Cate is Montana-made and proud of it. And she's even more than just the most talented Lady Griz player to ever don the uniform.... more

Lady Griz Tradition: Some Get to Wear It

By LINDA WEYLER - Every year, the Lady Griz team has new faces, but, in my eyes, the honor of being a Lady Griz is forever.... more

Lady Griz Basketball is in the Air!

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON - This time of year I always get this familiar feeling in my gut. Crisp mornings, followed by late afternoon warm sun, early sunsets, and... the gym!... more

NCAA Final Four Contest

ENTER TO WIN! Final Four Bracket Contest. Join us for ways to make March Madness more fun. Ongoing contests will be announced here. ... more

Everything About This Dance is Big

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON. In case you have had your head buried in the sand, the #4 seed Lady Griz made a thrilling 3-game run in Portland this past weekend to advance our program for the 19th time to the NCAA t... more

The Heart of the Matter

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON. There are some stories that are worth telling. There are those "ahhh" moments where you hear a saying, reconnect with a friend, or just recall a memory that makes you stop and reflect.... more

Once a Lady Griz, Always a Lady Griz

By KRISTA REDPATH PYRON. If there’s one word I would use to sum up the Lady Griz basketball program, it would be family. Little did I know that a summer day in 1994 would change my life and my family forever... more