NCAA Final Four Contest

Welcome to our NCAA Contest Bracket Page.

Final Four Comment Contest News:

Well, it’s all over, and the UCONN win put Kameron on top.

Congrats to Kameron S who is the big winner of our grand prize for the March Madness contest. Kameron, we’ll be contacting your to arrange getting you your winnings of $100 cash.

David Hall was our next big winner, having won 3 rounds in a row. David, we’re going to be sending you $75 in Montana Club Gift Cards.

Doug Maves joined David Hall in a round 4 win and will also receive a $25 gift card to the Montana Club.

The Sweet 16 round winner was Jessica Doubleday. ($25 Montana Club Gift Card)
Close behind was Doug Maves. (Mouse Pad)

And the first winner way back in round 1 was Kjel Olson. ($25 Montana Club Gift Card)




The Other contest we held was where people could just guess who would end up in the Final Four.

We had a three way tie when the final four was picked. All three had 2 teams heading to the final four. We put those names into a website called and out came the randomly picked winner…. “Shane”.

Shane, we’ll be contacting you about how to send you the $25 gift certificate to the Montana Club. Congrats.