Photo Gallery: Griz Win Big Over Minot State 82-53


‘Tinkle’s Titans’ flexed some serious Montana muscle Wednesday evening to secure a contested 82-53 win over the Minot State Beavers.

The underdog Beavers initiated a high level of physicality at tip-off, grabbing an early lead with the impressively athletic play of junior guards Isiah Gandy and E.J. Williams.  It was not to be however, as senior Griz forward Mathias Ward plugged the levee with back to back treys and a defensive series that set the home team ablaze.

Refusing to back down in the face of a rough-hewn and handsy Minot defense, the Grizzlies congealed around Ward’s efforts mid-way through the first period in an inspiring rally that allowed them to coast in for this season’s second non-conference victory.

Keron DeShields continues to be an intense emotional leader for the Grizzlies and led a game-changing full court press that resulted in 11 total steals for Montana.  Minot came together for a scoring run late in the first period, but an indomitable DeShields forced a handful of crucial Beaver turnovers that ultimately and permanently swayed the momentum pendulum.

Ward may have earned top scoreboard honors for the night, logging 19 points with two rebounds and a single assist, but Monday’s victory was indeed a team effort.  Sophomore forward Kevin Henderson sought out the ball like a bloodhound, holding up his end of the roster with four steals, five rebounds, and six hard-fought points.

Juniors Spencer Coleman and Kareem Jamar tossed in 10 and 18 points, respectively, while simultaneously distributing the rock to contribute to Montana’s 19 total assists.  The collective fervor of DeShields, Henderson, Coleman, and Jamar crackled through Dahlberg Arena like lightning, electrifying the bench and eventually slamming the door on Minot’s buckteeth.

The boys will face the Idaho Vandals on the road this Saturday, and will return home for a November 24th matchup against the San Diego Toreros.



Austin Smith in a tie

Austin Smith is a 21-year resident of the Missoula area, and an ardent fisherman, hunter, and snowboarder. When not working on the University of Montana campus, taking classes in the Journalism program, or contributing to the social media efforts of several local organizations, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his Akita and his family.