How Much Delta 9 Should I Take?

Delta-9 is a compound made from the cannabis plant. It is one of the most popular substances because it is legal in many places. Delta-9 THC interacts with your central nervous system and causes psychotropic effects leading to a mild high feel that gets stronger as you consume it more. Among all delta-9 products, the delta-9 gummies dosage is the highest, giving a high feel for longer as well as more relaxation.

The euphoric and psychoactive effects that delta-9 THC produces influence your mood. It also increases your appetite by meddling with your “hunger hormones.” However, for such results, you must consume delta-9 for a month at the least. If you ask enthusiasts, they’ll say that cannabis is great. This makes you wonder if it’s safe or how much delta-9 you can take without going crazy. Let’s find out.

How Much Delta 9 Should I Take?

Delta-9 THC products are available in multiple variations; you must choose a product based on your desired results. Some products provide long-lasting effects, while others offer quick effects. All products containing delta-9 will give you a high feeling, but the strength depends on the dosage and potency. Here are some common delta-9 products and how much you should take.

  • Delta-9 Gummies

If you like delta-9 products to help you relax for up to five or six hours, gummies are the best option. These bite-size fruity gummies can give you a mild high feel lasting for up to two hours, and natural terpenes in them will give you relaxation for up to six hours.

Depending on the dosage of the gummies, these timings might vary, but on average, you can expect such results. Taking one gummy is ideal for a starter, but you can take two gummies a day if you can’t feel the desired effects. On the other hand, starting with a low dosage is better to see how your body reacts to delta-9. Once you get an idea, alter the dosage as you desire.

The best is to eat a gummy one hour before you get to sleep. These gummies take around 40-50 minutes to dissolve in your blood. Some companies sell gummies to keep you active and awake during the day; remember to purchase the right variant.

  • Delta-9 Vapes

Vaping is the fastest way to enjoy the buzz as delta-9 instantly dissolves in your blood from the smoke. Vape effects won’t last long; even with the maximum potency, they can offer a high feel lasting up to two hours. These products are the best to enjoy a quick relaxation during a break or if you want to enhance your focus. THC vapes are a great option to help remove anxiety, uplift mood, and can even help reduce depression.

Since potent delta-9 THC carts are expensive, they are available in less quantity. Using these carts two to three times a day would be enough to enjoy the day and to keep one cart of 5 ml lasting for a month. Taking one puff for three seconds would be enough to provide the euphoric effect, and you can use it again once the effects are off.

Increases in e-liquid volume are less important than increases in the THC concentration inside each milliliter of liquid. If you obtain a vape cart of 1 ml with 1000 mg of THC signifies the product is potent, whereas 1 ml of e-liquid with 250 mg of delta-9 will deliver mild effects. If you’re using delta-9 vapes for the first time, it’s smart to ease into it by using a lesser concentration at first and monitoring your reaction.

  • Delta-9 THC Oil

Here is the thing: every delta-9 product has other terpenes from the hemp plant to offer other beneficial results than the high feeling. The THC oil you get will have some CBD and other useful compounds to provide multiple health benefits. You can use THC oil for consumption or as a topical for your skin.

THC + CBD oils are available in the highest potency compared to all other products, but using this product is not as easy and is not available in many flavors either. One drop of THC oil provides the desired results. Since these products are potent, their effects last for a long time.

What Is a Delta-9 High Like?

Now that we made it clear how much delta-9 you should take for the best results. Here is how you’ll feel once you get high with delta-9.

You should realize that anything with more than 0.3% THC has been outlawed by the regulatory authorities in the United States. As a result, the amount of THC in any commercially available product is extremely minimal. Very few people can become high enough to pass out on such a small dose. The most beneficial effect you may hope to experience is a pleasant buzz that calms your nerves. However, if you take delta-9 in larger quantities or at a greater concentration, you may experience uncontrollable laughter due to the positive effect on your mood.

On the other hand, how often you take delta-9 will change the overall effects. Simply put, smoking delta-9 offers the fastest effects, but you must wait before the effects wear off to smoke again. This is where most people make a mistake; they keep smoking and start getting addicted to this stuff.

How Long Does It Take Delta-9 to Kick In?

There is no fixed timing for delta-9 to kick in as it highly depends on potency, dosage, and your body. Some people might feel the effects within minutes, while some might not feel them at all. How you take delta-9 also matters, as gummies take hours to kick in, while smoking does the job instantly.

On average, delta-9 gummies take around 35-60 minutes to start affecting you. The best part is that their effects last for hours. If these gummies don’t work within 1 hour, wait for 30 more minutes and take another one. That same goes for THC oil, but oil effects won’t last for that long.

Smoking delta-9 works within seconds, the THC within the smoke takes only a minute to dissolve in your blood. However, their effects won’t last long, and they are not an ideal option for sleep.

Using any THC product for outer skin works within minutes as well. Using them for inflammation, pain, rashes, or itchiness is suitable.

How Much Delta-9 Do You Need to Get High?

Unless your body builds tolerance against delta-9, even a small dosage will do the job. Even if you do feel the buzz, it won’t be enough to knock you out of your senses. Lower THC concentrations are not enough to do that; however, if you smoke weed with more THC, you can get high enough to make stupid decisions.

On average, 13 mg of delta-9 is enough to make you high, only if the THC concentration is solid. On the other hand, if the THC concentration is less than 0.3%, taking more than 25 mg will give you a mild buzz, and almost 45 mg of THC can give you a high feeling. However, for a better euphoric feeling, we recommend using THC vapes.

Can You Take Too Much Delta-9?

Overdosing on delta-9 is not recommended as it is a highly addictive substance. The relaxation it provides and the euphoric feeling can make you crave it more and more. The worst part is that after getting addicted, it gets really hard to escape from addiction. Besides addiction, taking excessive THC can cause anxiety and depression instead of helping to lower it. Overdosing on delta-9 can also cause paranoia, confusion, sedation, lower blood pressure, and other side effects that get permanent with each use.

Even if you use delta-9 for medicinal purposes, taking it more than recommended dosage won’t bring fruitful results. While delta-9 offers lots of health benefits, it only works if you use it within certain limits.

What Are the Forms of Delta-9?

Delta-9 is available in multiple products and variants like gummies, tinctures, cookies, candies, infused beverages, vapes, topical lotions, and pre-rolled “joints.” Each product has a different “kick time,” but all offer a high feel except for lotions. If you want to enjoy the best results, opt for gummies, but if you want the quickest results, use THC vapes.

Factors Affecting Your Delta-9 Dosing

Here are some factors you must know before starting to use delta-9 so you can achieve the desired results.

  • Weight and Age

A person with more weight requires higher doses of THC than a lightweight person. Someone in their youth might have to take higher doses of THC to get high, while an elder can achieve the same effects at lower doses. However, an elder who has been using THC for a long time might have trouble getting the high feel on mild doses.

  • Tolerance level

How long you have been using other products to get a high feel can also impact the results of delta-9. On the other hand, the more delta-9 you use, the higher your body builds tolerance against it, causing you to use higher doses to get the desired results.

Final Words

The appropriate amount of delta-9 to consume depends on factors such as dosage, THC content, and the type of product being used. Remember to use this product moderately to avoid creating a dependency, as we have discussed in detail above.