What Matters Most When Selling Your Home

Are you listing your home? Selling a home can be troubling, tedious, and overwhelming, even if it is not your first time. Selling a home has many procedures, variables, and an excellent financial standing; thus, the sale must go right. First, however, you need to find a formula that will maximize your profit while still being a good offer. The challenge is trying to understand what matters most when selling a home. These are factors that determine the pricing and sales of your home. This blog post will explore tips, tricks, and advice that have been tried and tested by seasoned real estate professionals to help make the selling process as smooth and profitable as possible. So no matter what kind of market conditions exist or who is buying your property, read on to understand exactly what matters when selling your home.

1. Location

The location of a home is the first factor. The proximity of the home to social amenities is a big determinant. Homes in an affluent or desirable neighborhood will be on the expensive side compared to homes in poorer neighborhoods. If you need help listing your home for sale, here are some location questions to ask yourself.

  • Can you walk to an elementary school?
  • How’s the crime rate in your area?
  • How do you access public transport?
  • Are there social amenities or activities in the area?
  • Is the home on a busy road, yellow line, or slow corner?

You are ready to sell your home if you can answer these few questions. However, you can seek the help of Balham estate agents to oversee the process.

2. Home Condition

The condition of the home is as essential as the location. A home in good condition will sell faster and be worth more compared to a home in bad condition. If your home needs repairs, fix them. Contact a pest control company if there are signs of pest infestations. But remember, there is no time to renovate, so focus on quick repairs that could attract buyers. Check the home and fix things like;

  • Bathroom or kitchen broken tiles
  • Doors or cabinets with loose hooks
  • Replace bad drawers
  • Remove stains from carpets and other areas
  • Remodel the wooden floors or attic

You can also update fixtures, appliances, hardware, interior decors, and even fresh paint. However, all these depend on the time and money you have.

3. Timing

Many homeowners need to use timing to sell their homes. They list their home at any time of the season and expect huge results. However, there are seasons when homes are expensive. For example, homes listed in summer or spring will be pricey compared to homes in the fall or winter. Because winter is a holiday, home sales are slow as people prefer to hide from the cold and engage in social events. Thus, only a few buyers are in the market for a home. However, since the buyers are few, the competition is also low. On the other hand, warmer times are when homes are expensive.

4. Home Size

Every property’s worth depends on its size. The size has a significant place in determining the sale price. For example, a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen will be worth more than a home with a room, kitchen, and bathroom. Also, the former will have more square feet than the latter. In addition, the size of your home in the neighborhood is also important. If you have a large home in the neighborhood, it may not sell in time because buyers may be worried about maintaining the home, like cooling or heating.

5. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is similar to the condition of your home. Curb appeal is what attracts buyers to your property from the street. In essence, curb appeal can be considered a first impression. The first attraction is the home’s exterior and how it matches the neighborhood. So, ensure the pathway to your home is clean and safe. You can also straighten uneven paths and trim overgrown branches with the help of a professional tree company. Another major thing is doing minor repairs on the property. You can do some touch-up painting, redo your driveway with the help of a residential asphalt paving contractor, fix broken items, and do window washing. In addition, you can change your door handles, window frames, and address number. Some homeowners go as far as planting flowers leading to their doorstep and installing safety equipment. By doing so, buyers can see and focus on your property as they approach.