Delicious Jams and Jellies You Never Knew Existed

Jams and jellies are a staple of many people’s diets. They serve as amazing spreads on toast and other foods, adding new flavors and textures to them. While many people are familiar with standard flavors like strawberry, grape, and orange there is a whole slew of undiscovered jam and jelly flavors.

Just because these flavors aren’t as common doesn’t mean that they aren’t delicious, and you definitely should give them a try. So what are some amazing jam and jelly flavors that you likely never heard of? Let’s take a look.

Bacon Jam

One of the more surprising types of jam you’ll see is bacon jam. Bacon jam is packed with sweet and savory flavor, making it a great addition to a variety of dishes. Small bacon bits are simmered until spreadable, meaning that the classic meaty flavor of bacon can be added to just about any dish.

Additionally, some forms of bacon jam are mixed with other flavors, creating a truly unique flavor palette. Bacon jam flavors like sweet chili, honey habanero, and maple bacon can add whole new flavors when spread on foods.

Pepper Jam

Pepper jam is a severely underrated type of jam as it perfectly combines sweetness with spiciness. Pepper jam can be the perfect condiment for snack foods like crackers, and can even be used as a glaze for meat.

One of the best things about pepper jam is it has a little dash of heat, something that you don’t typically get from jams and jellies. Additionally, properly made pepper jam has a beautiful color to it, making it a visually appealing topping. If you want to try out a truly unique type of jam, you have to try pepper jam. 

Lavender Jelly

Lavender is often used as a natural sleep aid, as many people report that lavender has calming properties. However, what many people don’t know is that lavender can also be used as an ingredient in jelly. Using dried lavender flowers to make a jelly creates a unique spread that can be used to complement a variety of dishes.

Lavender jelly is best used as a glaze on meats such as lamb and chicken, however this unique jelly can also be used to top off dessert dishes like ice cream, adding a unique spin on classic dishes. 

Banana Jam

Banana is a popular fruit flavor, but you don’t often see it used in jams and jellies. By combining overripe bananas with orange juice, lime juice, and sugar, you can actually get quite the delectable jam.

Combine all ingredients and cook on the stove over medium heat with occasional stirring. Although the jam may be thicker than some of the other jams and jellies you have had, it still is a fantastic option. Bananas can be easily purchased all year round, and the recipe is quite simple, making this a jam you can easily make yourself.