The Top 3 Best Malpractice Lawyers in PA

Medical malpractice refers to legal action taken against a medical professional whose actions have been accused of being negligent. The standard of care is usually described as the degree of competence that a physician of average skill and ability, working in the same discipline as the medical practitioner in question, would be expected to have.

The purpose that distinguishes medical malpractice from medical negligence is the most important aspect. When a medical professional makes a mistake during treatment and unintentionally causes pain or suffering to a patient, this is referred to as negligence. Malpractice occurs when a medical professional, hospital, or other organization acts or fails to act with the knowledge that the patient may be harmed.

You’ll need a Pennsylvania malpractice lawyer on your side that knows medicine, health-care protocols, and Pennsylvania malpractice law to win your case. Now is the time to start putting together a list of the best medical malpractice lawyers in your area. Read below for some of the best malpractice lawyers in PA.

1. Trapani Law Firm

Trapani Law Firm (Philadelphia) is a medical malpractice law firm that represents clients throughout the Philadelphia area. It aims to assist customers who have been wounded as a result of a healthcare provider’s carelessness in obtaining financial compensation for their newly incurred medical expenditures, associated financial losses, and intangible damages such as mental anguish. The firm negotiates with the accused in order to get settlements that meet their customers’ demands. When that fails, they go to court to seek formal judgments.

2. Lenahan & Dempsey

Commitment to the law and clients has resulted in remarkable expansion. Lenahan & Dempsey, a personal injury law practice dedicated to preserving the rights of seriously injured persons, has evolved to become one of the largest firms in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Lenahan & Dempsey have locations all around their practice area, with a staff of over 50 outstanding individuals. If necessary, they will make hospital, nursing facilities, or home visits.

3. Pribanic & Pribanic

Pribanic & Pribanic team has successfully litigated hundreds of cases including adverse medication reactions, car accidents, medical malpractice, defective autos, defective products, nursing home negligence, and workers’ compensation. Pribanic & Pribanic have the resources and experience to help people get back on their feet while figuring out what caused their medical problems. They will establish exactly what went wrong with your care—and how your perpetrator has to make amends—by working with professional hospital managers and medical experts. 

Allowing insurers and collectors to wear you down is a bad idea so find a malpractice lawyer who has the skills and experience to represent you.