Outdoor Activities you Do With Your Pet in Missoula

Missoula, Montana is just as much a paradise for dogs as it is for humans! Tucked away into a peaceful corner of the Rockies, this pet-friendly city offers plenty of outdoor activities you can do with your pet. 

If you’re thinking of taking your pet to Missoula but aren’t sure what to do, here’s a great list of activities to get you started!

Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your PetHike The ‘M’

The ‘M’ atop Mount Sentinel’s west face has been a Missoula icon since 1908. It is built of whitewashed rocks that have been concreted in place. Perched 620 feet above the valley in less than half a mile, it presents a bird’s-eye view over the whole Missoula valley and mountains. The M is definitely a sight worth seeing, both from far away and up close! 

Although it is only a short trek, the journey to the summit is difficult and steep, so be cautious. Bring plenty of water for you and your pet – the climb offers a great workout for you both. 

We recommend going early in the morning or before sunset. The views from the summit are incredible in broad daylight!

Go To An Annual Festival

From bicycles to dogs, booze to harmony, and everything in between, whatever reason Missoulians can think of for an annual celebration inevitably becomes one. Missoula has several events every year that bring its people together to have fun and celebrate togetherness.

You’ll find many annual events, such as the Fourth of July Celebration at Fort Missoula or KidsFest, as well as seasonal events, such as Downtown ToNight. Many of them are held in Caras Park, which is located in the heart of Downtown Missoula. Caras Park is a hub of festivity and enjoyment especially throughout the summer months, with event after event taking place each week.

During August, the community comes together to celebrate dogs and other furry friends at the Pet Fest, Caras Park, which is one of the best Outdoor activities to do with your dog. This event is perfect for animal lovers. Pet Fest encourages ethical pet ownership via education and entertainment. All through the day, there are activities and tournaments, as well as games for you and your pet to enjoy.

Fort Missoula Canine Campus

The Fort Missoula Canine Campus is a fenced-in area just west of the horseshoe pits that provide a safe environment for pet obedience and agility training. Larger canines can be trained in a larger enclosed environment next to the Campus. 

Restrooms are located near the parking lot and are operational from around May to September. There is a drinking water fountain with a faucet south of the horseshoe pit where you may get water for yourself and your pet.

If you are looking for fun things to do outside with a dog, there is also a softball field, a basketball court, a jogging track, picnic areas, playground equipment, a football pitch, a tennis court, and a sand volleyball in the Fort Missoula Park Area.

Take Your Pet Shopping

Some of Missoula’s pet-friendly shops make shopping with your pet a breeze. Missoula, Montana offers a variety of fantastic pet stores, some of which are franchises and others of which are independently owned. 

Some businesses also sell equestrian and farm goods, and a handful of them provide outdoor dog activity toys and trekking excursions for them to enjoy the beautiful wilderness. Keep in mind that there is no sales tax!

Explore Jacobs Island Bark Park

The Jacobs Island Bark Park, located on 6 acres at the lower east side of Jacobs Island Park, is a fantastic location to make new friends – dog and human alike. It is enclosed on 3 sides and double-gated to offer a safe environment for parents and their pets to roam and enjoy their daily exercise. 

A diversity of landscapes to play off-leash. It has benches where you may rest and chill. Your dog will never want to leave this amazing place!  Just be ready to clean up after your dog, because there is water and muddy grounds for them to run around.

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Try Out Skijoring

Skijoring will make you take your cross-country skiing to another level. Skijoring is a winter sport in which a person wears skis and is dragged by a horse or a dog over obstacle courses on icy roads. 

This Scandinavian-inspired sport is getting popular in the United States. There are professional trainers and courses available through the local parks and recreation department.

There is a growing number of individuals in Missoula who love this outdoor dog fun, and there is a huge amount of sponsored tournaments. It’s a high-stakes sport with huge prizes. 

Your adrenaline will pump as dogs race by, dragging skiers through leaps, curves, and hurdles while racing against time and other participants. Choose your favorite team and root them on to success.

Join In The Canine Classic Event

Every year, The Resort at Paws Up transforms into a 37,000-acre dog park, retreat, and wellness center all in one. The Canine Classic event benefits the Western Montana Humane Society. 

You and your dog can choose between 2-mile, 5-mile, or 13-mile hikes – with the proceeds going towards charitable causes. This event is a wonderful chance to give back to society while also spending quality time with your dog. Also you can teach your dog to behave in a park.

All donations go to Working Dogs for Conservation. They aim to train and employ the world’s greatest conservation detection dogs to preserve animals and natural areas. These canines use their noses to locate endangered species in Missoula and across the world – helping rangers and research teams keep them safe.

Attend The Annual K9 Friendly Wine Dinner

Every autumn, the Resort at Paws Up hosts a Wine & Bitch dinner before their Canine Classic charity trek. The Wine & Bitch Dinner serves exquisite fine dining to kickstart the fur-loving holiday. This wonderful annual event at Paws Up is not to be missed by pet lovers and their beloved pets. 

This dinner is intended to pamper both you and your dog. It is a wonderful way to commemorate your special bond with your pet. The Senior Executive Chef at Paws Up serves a one-of-a-kind meal, replete with wine pairings and sumptuous desserts, as well as tail-wagging gourmet dog treats. 

While you eat, your four-legged companion can enjoy supervised playtime with other dogs at a spacious indoor facility.

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See Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area starts less than 5 miles beyond Missoula, Montana. 

The Rattlesnake Wilderness was traditionally used for fishing and hunting. Above the mouth of Beeskove Creek, the main Rattlesnake Creek is accessible if you’re into catch-and-release fishing. Cross-country skiers can easily reach the main Rattlesnake and lateral creeks when weather conditions allow, while you can enjoy different outdoor dog activities at your leisure.

AT the bottom part of the Rattlesnake, there is a well-established trail system that provides chances for day hikes or overnight camps. The elevation ranges from 3,300 feet to more than 8,000 feet. With so many routes and attractions to visit, you and your dog are sure to have a good day of exploration together.

Find A Tasty Pet Treat

Missoula bakeries create delectable pet treats for your four-legged pals. With delicacies like carob cupcakes and peanut butter bones, your dog is likely to find something he or she will appreciate. All of them are prepared sans preservatives, using organic ingredients, and with a lot of love. These baked products can be purchased in Missoula at the following local stores:

Good Food Store

For almost 40 years, The Good Food Store has been Missoula’s marketplace. The Good Food Store has always had modest goals: to provide excellent organic, healthy, and wholesale goods to the neighborhood, to promote local produce, and to give back to local businesses in need.

Rosauers Supermarkets

Their experienced team is always glad to answer your queries and work hard to make your customer experience unforgettable. They take pleasure in offering you the finest quality items in the finest, friendliest shops in Missoula.

Explore The Riverfront Trail

The Missoula City Council approved a resolution in February 2017 recognizing the rail-trail north of the river as the Ron’s River Trail. The Riverfront Trail is among 1600 rail-trails funded by the Rails-to-Trails Foundation, a non-profit organization striving to build a countrywide network of trails from abandoned railway lines and linked routes.

The Ron’s River Trail runs parallel to the Clark Fork on the north side of the river, passing through Kiwanis, Bess Reed, and Caras Parks. 

If you are wondering; What fun activities can you do with your dog?,  relax and take a stroll along the Riverfront Trail. This walkway offers spectacular river vistas as well as convenient, non-motorized connectivity to the university, communities, dog parks, shopping, eateries, and a variety of other Missoula sites. Bring a leash if you have one. 

The views of the vast Montana sky are stunning at the beginning of a new day or towards nightfall. The rivers, city, and tower all meet on this one-of-a-kind route that runs right through the center of town. 


This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outdoor activities you can do with your pet in Missoula. It is a bustling city in the Northern Mountains that borders a national forest, has a plethora of recreational areas, and tends to attract a lot of pets. Your best buddy enjoys having you by his or her side. 

So, the next time you plan a trip to Missoula, don’t be scared to bring your pet along for the voyage.