How to Cook Food in a Wok: Tips and Tricks

Work dishes are the hallmark of Asian cuisine. To cook them, you need a special wok pan. Cooking in a wok usually takes less than 15 minutes, so your dishes are characterized by the following:

  • Food cooked in a wok turns out to be healthier than in a regular pan since the ingredients are fried for 1-3 minutes. With such a quick heat treatment, foods almost do not lose vitamins and nutrients;
  • Fewer calories. To fry all the ingredients of the dish, a tablespoon of oil is enough, and in cases of cooking fatty meat, you can do without oil;
  • Crunchy and aromatic. Meat and vegetables, when quickly roasted in a professional skillet by Yosukata, acquire a dense crispy crust and an appetizing look.

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Mostly the wok is used for quick frying called the “stir-fry technique”. Its peculiarity lies in the constant stirring of the ingredients, so you do not need a lot of fat for cooking. Such food is considered to be healthier and more dietary.

        How to Cook Food in a Wok?

When cooking food in a wok, you should follow a few simple rules. These tips will allow you to get the most out of your device:

  • Food preparation should be done before cooking;
  • Place food only in a hot frying pan;
  • The harder the product, the thinner it is cut;
  • When cooking, use only peanut, sesame, or sunflower oil;
  • While cooking, the fire is not reduced;
  • Stirring is carried out from the center to the walls;
  • When several products are cooked together, the hardest and thickest slices are put first;
  • When preparing hot dishes, the pasta or rice should be boiled in advance (before adding to the rest of the ingredients);
  • Put cold ingredients in the pan gradually so that the temperature inside does not drop.

You cannot cook food using olive oil in a wok. It evaporates even before the food begins to fry.

How to Roast Meat in a Wok: 4 Tips

Meat ingredients should be cooked a bit differently because meat is the hardest thing to cook. There are two extremes, either it secretes juice during frying and begins to boil, or overcook, dry, and burn. The below tips will help you avoid these mistakes:

  • To make it easier to cut meat, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. The fibers of the meat will harden, and it will be easier to cut into small pieces for later frying;
  • To prevent the meat from burning or overcooking, you can pre-fry it to the desired crust. Then remove it from the wok and transfer it to a plate or paper towel;
  • Cook vegetables and other ingredients, adding the meat component to the dish at the end of cooking;
  • You can additionally soften the meat if you marinate it for half an hour. For example, teriyaki, oyster, sweet and sour, or soy sauce will work.

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