4 Popular Trends Restaurant Owners Are Using to Boost Their Business

With the lockdowns in many countries due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, so many fantastic restaurants have been forced to close their doors for the better part of the year. With the success of the vaccine rollout around the world, restaurant owners are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. To move past the difficult year and start to rebuild their businesses, it is crucial that restaurant owners take the right steps to ensure customers come back when they are allowed to eat out again. This is a hugely important time for the industry so it is important that all restaurant owners know what is working for other restaurants.

To help everyone give their customers the best experience and to start to recover from these difficult times, here are 4 popular trends restaurant owners are using to boost their business.

1. Implement the Latest Technological Solutions

Technology can be very useful in every industry but it can be particularly important for streamlining processes in restaurants because that will enable you to focus more on your food and customers. One fantastic development for restaurants are digital Point of Sale (POS) systems. These provide a number of functions but the best POS systems for restaurants will enable servers or even the customer themselves to order on a tablet or device and that information is sent directly to the kitchen. This means there are no handwritten tickets and the servers need to spend less time talking to the chefs so they can pay more attention to their tables. 

Whenever an item is ordered through the POS system, the restaurant’s inventory will be automatically updated so you always know what is in stock. This can also be integrated with your accounts and ordering software so that as soon as you fall below a certain stock level, new items are ordered or added to your next order. 

Automating and connecting all of your operations can help your restaurant run far more smoothly. You should consider connecting your payroll with digital sign-in technology so that your employees’ working hours are automatically tracked and they are paid each month without you having to do it manually. All of these technological solutions will enable you to focus on your menus and customer experience.

2. Use all Local Produce

The big chain restaurants can be found in every major town and city but their food is never anything special. All of their stores are usually supplied from the same company which will source ingredients at the cheapest price around the world. The freshest food always comes from locally sourced ingredients and that is what today’s customer is looking for. Especially during difficult economic towns, customers want to know that when they visit a restaurant, they are supporting a local business which in turn is supporting local farmers and other suppliers. This helps keep money and jobs in the area rather than lacing the pockets of some faceless corporate shareholders. Show your customers your commitment to local produce and they will keep coming back.

3. Minimize the Menu

Bad restaurants have anything and everything on their menus as they try to cater to everyone. Great restaurants do one thing excellently so decide what kind of menu you want to offer and stick to that theme. If your restaurant only has a small kitchen, you will need to limit your dishes to around five appetizers, five mains, and three desserts. It may seem like this doesn’t give the customers much choice but it will allow you to serve the highest quality food paying attention to every detail and so your guests will go away well-fed and happy.

4. Advertise on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to advertise every type of business but it is particularly useful for restaurants. The two most important platforms your restaurant needs are definitely Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, you can post photos of new menu items, special events, and happy diners. Facebook provides even more options with online menus, live chat, delivery services, and booking channels for customers. You also need to make sure that your restaurant is listed on Google Maps so that it is easy for customers to find.

These coming months are critical for the restaurant industry with everyone looking to bounce back from Covid-19. It is so important to think about what your customers want and to ensure that you are always providing quality food and excellent service. In order to do so, follow these four popular trends and you can see a real boost to your business.