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Frisee Salad, Welsh Rarebit Crouton, Vinaigrette

By JONATHON HARTIG - For this salad I've incorporated a couple of local Flathead Valley beers. I encourage you to experiment with your own favorite local brews! ... more

Spiciy Thai Coconut Soup

By Manda Hudak - My pre-spring soup cravings are for a lighter, spicier and healthier soup than the heavy heartier soups of mid-winter. ... more


By JAMIE LIPHARDT-Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made with Napa Cabbage and lots of chili powder called Gochugaru. It can be described as sweet, sour and spicy.... more

Miso Glazed Ahi Tuna

By JAMIE LIPHARDT - After procuring some sushi grade ahi tuna, I decided that indeed, Asian was the flavor profile I was in the mood for.... more