3 CBD Cocktails You Have to Try

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular health supplement that can be used to improve your health and wellness, or to help treat certain health conditions. It can reduce pain and inflammation, relieve anxiety and stress, and help manage your symptoms for things like acne, eczema, insomnia, and even cancer.

For the longest time, there was not a large variety of CBD products. You could get CBD oil or tinctures to take directly or use in a vape, or get edibles. Now, there is a far greater selection, so you can use it in ways that you may not have thought before. That includes hemp infused drinks, and even having CBD in your favorite cocktails.

You can buy CBD-infused Drinks, or you can mix CBD in drinks yourself. The easiest way is to look for a retailer that has water soluble CBD for sale, and stir in the right amount to whatever drink you are making. If you want some ideas, here are three examples of cocktails that CBD works great with.

#1) CBD Mojito

Mojitos are a very refreshing cocktail for the summer. There are some variations, but the basic recipe includes rum, sugar, lime juice, carbonated water, and bits of mint leaves. The combination of sweetness, citrusy tartness, and cooling mint pairs very well with the carbonation.

Since the cocktail has such a strong combination of flavors, CBD pairs especially well with the natural earthy tones of the mint. The best time to add the water-soluble CBD powder is the same point you add the mint.

#2) CBD Margarita

Margaritas are another popular drink, especially in tropical resorts, beaches, and the hottest periods of the summer. It combines tequila, lime juice and sometimes another kind of fruity liqueur with salt on the rim of your glass. You often also have it mixed with blended ice or just poured over solid ice cubes.

Margaritas are another drink that is simple and easy to make, since they require few ingredients. You can mix the CBD in at any time, just make sure you use a water-soluble variety so it mixes into your drink better. You can add some slightly different flavors by including things like agave syrup, lemon or lime wedges, and more.

#3) CBD Gin and Tonic

Of all the varieties of alcohol, CBD pairs the best with gin. The natural flavoring of both work very well together, considering the natural earthy tones that both have to offer. Naturally, the best CBD cocktail to make using gin is a classic gin and tonic. You just need gin, tonic water, a lime wedge, and your CBD. You can also get gin that already comes infused with CBD, to make your job mixing it in or adding the right amount a lot easier.

These are three very popular drinks for hotter weather, making them perfect to enjoy this summer. With CBD’s ability to help you feel more calm and relieved of pain, it’s a great way to relax during a happy hour out under the sun. Just remember that CBD oil does not mix well with any drinks, because it will separate and stay as a layer at the top. One of your main priorities should be to use water soluble CBD, a tincture, or have it pre-mixed in your alcohol or juice.