Top 4 Things To Do After A Home Refurbishment

A home refurbishment is something that all owners want to do for their homes once they start looking dated and a bit worn out. However, refurbishment is a very long and strenuous process. You will have to micromanage everything to ensure that your house gets the best look possible once the whole thing is finished.

There are even a few steps that you’ll have to go through after the entire process is finished. These are all important for the overall aesthetics of your house. If you skip these steps then your refurbishment might feel a bit incomplete or, even worse, you might encounter some problems in the future.

So let’s take a look at all the different things you need to do to ensure that your house is the best version of itself once the refurbishment is done.

1. Get It Cleaned

A thorough cleaning of any house is very important after the refurbishment process due to the dust and debris that accumulates over the course of time. Most refurbishment packages with larger contractors include cleaning but if you wish to save some money then you would probably do it yourself.

Refurbishment includes a lot of tearing down and building up which releases an enormous amount of dust that finds its way into the smallest crevices of your home. Once you get to cleaning you’ll find dirt under various unexpected locations such as light fixtures, air vents, walls, floor, air filters, and much more.

It’s important that you carry out a proper clean-up before moving any furniture back inside since that will make it near impossible to clear all the dirt and debris.

2. Add New Features

The best way to complement a remodeled house is to factor in some suitable new features and furniture. You can’t expect a rustic old sofa set to go along with a contemporary themed living room that is based on whites and greys. This is why you have to make a decision beforehand so that the entire house melds together.

If you wish to add new features like a curved staircase or a lift, then this is the best time to do so as you can choose the things that would go along with the interior of your home. You might have wanted to incorporate additional features like a Stiltz Duo home lift into your home; this will need thoughtful consideration of the furniture and themes that can compliment it. Now is the perfect time to add new things as the cleaning will not be as big a hassle as it’d be in a well-settled house.

3. Update The Insurance

Most people often overlook this part and this is a fatal mistake that sometimes ends up costing them thousands of dollars. If you’ve made any significant changes to your home then you might want to call your home insurance agent and let them conduct a survey once again.

Home insurance becomes especially important when you add a lot of new and expensive features to your home which might be higher in value than the previously existing ones. Getting your house resurveyed and adding any new appliances to the insurance policy will ensure that you get adequate compensation in case of a disaster or an unfortunate accident.

4. Make a Maintenance Checklist

It’s in your best interest to get a maintenance checklist made for your home by the contractor who’ll have adequate knowledge about the maintenance needs of the new fixtures in your home. There’ll be many new materials and structures about which you’ll never even have a clue and it would accordingly be difficult for you to do proper maintenance for those things.

The one who installs these new products should help you out with creating a maintenance checklist. Some of the new materials that you might encounter can be natural stone surfaces, wooden floors, wiring, plumbing, air filters, smart home devices, new trims, and much more.

Having a handy checklist will ensure that you get proper maintenance done and the new materials won’t get any structural or visual damages like stains or a patina.

These were some of the most important things that you should do as soon as your home refurbishment is finished. This is an exciting time for any homeowner indeed, however, it’s essential to remember that if you take the right steps after the refurbishment, your house’s beauty will be amplified. Some of these items are related to purely visual elements while others are related to the longevity and durability of your home. All of these are equally important and ignoring any one of them might backfire on you in the future.