PR Distribution Tips From the Pros

PR distribution service tools are the type of services used mainly by small businesses to help them reach their preferred audience, from journalists and bloggers up to potential customers. If you are curious about how these tools work, here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of your PR distribution.

Always Include Images or Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. In most times that you are trying to get a PR to get seen, the media won’t even proceed in publishing your PR if it doesn’t include a picture. When it comes to marketing, adding relevant pictures will actually help you deliver the right message and give the audience a better idea about your business. Pictures catch the user’s eyes more compared to text-based stories which are usually missed by the user. Even when posting on any social media platform, it is better to include pictures as it has been proven that posts with a picture attachment get more interaction than posts that contain text alone. A short video describing your business and why users should purchase your product or service will increase the targeted audience’s interest in your communication. With a video included in your PR, the audience will easily understand the information and are more likely to receive the message you’re trying to deliver than from plain text. 

Send Out PR Packages to Influencers or Bloggers

PR packages are a great method for marketing your products as a small business. The way this method works is that you send out a package containing your products to a known influencer with a good number of followers and they try the product then give a review about it while recording on camera. The recorded video will get your product to be viewed by a wide range of audiences. Since the person who will review your product has a great following, you need to look at a few criteria when choosing which influencer you need to send out the product or package. The main rule you have to follow when thinking about PR distribution is the targeted audience. You want to make sure that the blogger or influencer you choose will actually be interested in your product and that their audience is the people with interest in what you have to offer. You should go for influencers or bloggers that stand out or are special in some way. The more followers that this influencer has, the wider you get to spread your PR package, and your business will get viewed by more people.

The influencer you will choose for your business is as important as choosing the products that you will send to them. Whenever you’re choosing an influencer, make sure that the product you’re sending them over is something they actually need and that they will have an interest in using it. Another perspective that you will have to keep in mind is which product you want to send over. It is best that you send a product that values over $20 but if you don’t sell a product that matches that pricing, it is best you make a bundle or a package that contains products that sum up to that price or even more. If you have a product that’s best-selling or is simply special, you should send it over or include it in the package. Remember that the gift should also have a good representation so make the packaging neat and look appealing.

Email the PR to Journalists

Most of the small businesses try to approach journalists by sending over emails. When sending a press release to professional journalists, there are a few tips you should follow to ensure that more people will actually view and read your email. This is a basic rule for any email that you send out: you must add a subject to the email. Adding an email subject is a basic email etiquette that some senders forget most of the time so when people go through their emails and they see that an email has no subject, they-the recipients-either skip or don’t take the email seriously. If you will create one, your subject should indicate that the email is a PR and inform the reader of what products or business they are going to read about. It is best that you keep the email short and to the point since nobody likes to read a lot about a product they’re not sure they will actually want to write about. 

The contents of your email are also an important factor in your PR. An email body with grammatical or spelling mistakes looks awfully unprofessional so make sure to spell check before you hit send. If a journalist requests you stop sending them PR emails, then immediately stop. This only means they have viewed your business and products but they don’t have an interest in it. Sending multiple PR emails to the same journalist in a short period of time won’t get them to pitch your idea, these will just annoy them. What you want to do is give them at least 2 to 4 days to review your email and your business and then get in touch with them once more to ask them if they will be able to help. 

Use Social Media’s Paid Ads Services

Many people don’t actually use social media’s paid ad services which is a huge mistake. Social media is a platform that billions of people use on a daily basis that makes a great opportunity to get a great number of people to view your products or services. The ads on those types of platforms are actually viewed by people with a specific interest in the product or service that you are offering, increasing the chances of them buying your product. Social media marketing is in fact a much cheaper option than the regular marketing most people are familiar with, which is why paying for social media ads is very convenient for small businesses with an average capital and a small budget set aside to spend on such advertisement. Social media ads ensure that your ad reaches almost every user in the platform with an interest in what you have to offer no matter where they are in the world, resulting in an increased number of people viewing your products so better maximize the potential of promoting your business through advertising in social media.

The use of social media advertising, in conjunction with newspaper PR and TV ads, will ensure that your business will reach as many people as it could and will increase your number of sales accordingly. No matter where you are in your business venture, keeping the previously mentioned tips will ensure you get the maximized benefit out of your PR distribution.