Handy Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

For every homeowner, dedicating time and effort to primp up their homes is considered more of a luxury. However, some areas like the front yard and your house’s exterior are important to maintaining because they affect the property’s value, your quality of life, and the overall appearance of your home. Should you find time to tidy up your house, here are a few tips you should know when it comes to landscaping.

Layer Your Flower Beds

Using one type of flower is fine and it surely works, but why not add more flowers of different lengths and colors to add definition to your front and backyard? You can start the process of incorporating more inflorescence by sketching the whole look first. Making a sketch or a landscape design before you start planting your flowers will help you to be more organized. When sketching the color and length scheme, it is great if you repeat a few plants here or there. These plants will help draw your eyes throughout the garden but they don’t have to be flowers of the same shape or length, they just have to be from the same color group. To layer flower beds, you can plant the longest flowers in the back towards the fence, then add medium-length flowers next, and then place the shortest flowers in the front to give off that layering effect. Do this step in a few places in your garden for better results.

Tree Trimming and Pruning 

Just like people get a haircut to keep their locks looking neat and healthy, a regular trim with the help of a tree service improves the overall appearance of a tree. The Olympia-based professionals over at Dawkins Tree Care emphasize that pruning a tree is crucial for its overall nourishment and health. The overgrowth of a tree has a negative impact on its health because without trimming, trees get weaker and become less likely to survive. Pruning a tree is mainly about cutting off branches that carry disease or are merely interfering with the growth of the tree. In addition, pruning will also keep the tree strong and help create a healthy structure, preventing the need for corrective pruning in the future. However, if there are unhealthy or drying trees in your yard, you may need to seek tree removal services to get rid of them and clean up your yard.

As for the trimming, it is mainly done to create a more appealing aesthetic. When trees overgrow, they become less healthy and attractive. People often get their trees trimmed in a specific shape or way to complement the overall look of their garden. Another reason why you should trim your trees regularly is for your safety. Diseased branches or trees can break off due to strong wind, other natural factors, or on their own as they grow weaker over time, which can result in damage to a part of your property or could cause injury to you or your family and visitors. If you’re looking for a reliable tree trimming service, click this link here now.

Include Hardscape

Hardscape is adding decorative elements or structures to your outdoor area. Hardscaping materials include wood, concrete, stones, or similar materials. There are many benefits to adding hardscape to your landscape. Here are a few suggestions of hardscape features that you can try:

Include a pathway

Instead of having everyone walk over the grass on your yard that often creates a dead grass walkway, you can actually include a pathway yourself. Having a pathway is a great addition to your garden because it connects your garden to your patio and to any other hardscape feature that you added, as well as a pathway helps give texture to your green area and makes your garden boulder long. You can do so using many different materials, one of which is crushed stone, and is highly used in gardens’ pathways. Another material you can use is decorative brick or stepping stones. These types of stones are also great options that will surely add a lot of beauty and value to your garden. You can actually use materials that match the exterior of the house in order to create an aesthetic or make the space more cohesive.

Having an Outdoor Living area

Adding hardscape to your outdoors to create a patio gives an additional outdoor living area. It is best if you create the patio away from the house and have it surrounded with flowers and trees to have more privacy. You can use stones, concrete, or whatever material you prefer or specifically matches your aesthetic. If you opt to use wood, you can, but make sure to use it with insulation as the water from the plants may ruin the wood. You can add a complete outdoor sitting area or maybe have a small bench to sit on or a swing to lightly sway with while reading a book or just lay down outside surrounded by the greens and the flowers. There is a wide selection of outdoor living area accessories nowadays so you have the freedom to choose whatever suits your liking.

Adding Water Features

Your garden will look good with the plants and stones you have put in it but adding a water feature will make for a greater look in your garden. Even a small water feature totally makes a great addition. In order to have the water feature fit your aesthetic, you can use similar materials that are found in any of your decorations and you can actually connect a pathway that leads to the water feature to draw an impression that it is included in the garden. Another feature that you can try is to have a water feature that has a natural ambiance to fit in with the living plants. You can do so by surrounding the water feature with a flower bed of short lengthened flowers. While decorating the landscape intends to please, you have to be careful with the materials and flowers you use as having too many varieties is not always a good idea, especially when trying to obtain a natural look. The rule of thumb here is to include no more than 3 materials in the same area.

Add lights

You don’t want to spend all of that effort on making your yard pretty as a picture for it to only be seen during the daytime. Heighten your decorating skills by adding lights to give your whole landscape a glamorous look. Outdoor string lights are better but if your budget does not allow for it, another great option is to add fairy lights all over the garden or drape it over the patio. String lights will illuminate the outdoor area with fascinating, warm lighting. You can also add luminous lights along the pathway or in some areas of your garden that you’d want to highlight. If you feel that adding lights to a landscape is beyond your capabilities, you can also have a professional design an outlay of where those lights would go, like if you want them to form a specific pattern or in random but fit places. It is not a rule that these lights should go in a straight line.

The previous tips will help ensure that your yard is beautiful and well-maintained. The tips we listed here will help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and hopefully serve as your guide to have a great-looking yard. The effort you exert to enhance the exterior of your property will also add to its value should the time come to sell it If you don’t plan on moving, your well-kempt landscape will make for a great space to hang out with friends and family.