Fashion Do’s and Don’ts According to the Pros

The fashion industry keeps on changing every day. This multi-billion dollar industry has captivated the interests of many, especially the youth, all over the world. Each year you will find new fashion trends, as others fizzle out. Others are seasonal and will keep on reappearing and disappearing. Our article will discuss some of the fashion trends and the dos and don’ts from fashion experts. Read on for the fashion tips.

1. Wearing Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have been in fashion for many years. The clothing becomes a timeless accessory since it matches with any color and any cloth trend. Denim jackets get worn by both men and women and match better with various outfits. The pros behind Nihal Fashions stress that you can wear a denim jacket with joggers or paired leggings as you run your daily errands or go for a casual lunch date with friends. You can also wear the same jacket with denim trousers, regular trousers, a maxi dress or even a skirt to complete your outfit. Many people do think that denim jackets only come in blue. There are many designs and colors you can choose for your different outfits. 

2. Animal Prints

Animal prints got launched a few years back and became part of the most adored fashion trends. Its popularity grows faster since they come in different colors and prints, fitting many enthusiasts’ classes. Animal prints can be of snakeskin, leopard, crocodiles, and prints of other cute-looking animals. The prints can be on shoes, skirts, pants, tops, and fashion accessories. In most cases, animal prints are worn to create a statement. You can match them with blank pants or a color that resembles the print material. However, you need to check on where and how to wear these prints since they are mostly misinterpreted. 

3. Monotone Outfits

There is a growing trend of fashion enthusiasts wearing a uniform color in their outfits. The most adored color for this, especially in women, is black since it corresponds well with most looks and is classic. Other than sticking with black, you can embrace other colors as long as they make you comfortable. Some of these colors you can choose and blend well includes green, yellow, orange, different hues of blue and purple. You should also check on the event and time you are wearing these monotone outfits as some colors are meant for specific functions or seasons. 

4. Pieces of Jewelry

Most people won’t have completed their outfits if they haven’t worn some pieces of jewelry. Statement jewelry got embraced some years ago, and it’s still making rounds in the fashion industry. You can make a statement by wearing different kinds of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, and bracelets. All these will make you upgrade your outfit and make you look more casual than when without them. When wearing statement jewelry, you have to put them correctly to divert attention from your clothing. Always put on one statement per outfit to avoid clashing their objectives and looks. Put the watches, earrings and the bracelets as subtitles. If you have an old watch that has some design or mechanical damage, you may look for a watch repair shop to have it restored.

The right pieces will always complement your dress and make it stand out. Using various 925 jewelry for different types of outfits will make you appear classic, especially on casual occasions. On formal occasions, there are specific ways jewelry can be worn without breaking the dress code. So it’s always wise to ask an expert or research before wearing them.

Fashion trends do not stay for long. However, this doesn’t mean you should try everything that’s on sale. You have to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and shouldn’t clash with your personality or the event you are attending. Do not wear something because it’s popular, but do it when it matches your personality and needs.