Cracked And Curled Shingles: Should You Replace Or Repair Them?

Are you a homeowner? Do you use shingles for roofing? Probably you have encountered curled or cracked shingles. There are many reasons which lead your shingles to bend or crack. Some of these reasons include ventilation problems with the attic or the shingles getting older. However, it is uncommon seeing shingles curling or cracking. But what if they do? Do you repair or replace them? This article will discuss some things you need to know about damaged shingles and what you can do about them. Read on for the ultimate decision.

Are damaged shingles an issue to homeowners?

Curled or cracked shingles can create more damage than perceived to your home or business premise. Curled and cracked shingles cause a leaking roof. The curled shingle won’t merge well with others, creating open spaces that will also let in insects and rodents

Without repair, the leaking and other inconveniences might bring your roofing down. 

It is essential to call a residential roofing replacement or commercial roofing repair company if you notice your shingles warping or cracking. The roofing company might opt to do roof repairs or have your whole roofing replaced to avoid damages. They will work for the homeowner’s best interest and find a solution that matches your needs, budget, and style. 

Can you repair curled or cracked shingles? 

While most people end up replacing curled or cracked shingles, it is possible to fix them with the help of a roof repair contractor. If the damage isn’t that extensive, the damaged shingles can get repaired, thus avoiding the high cost of buying new ones. You only need to call roof repair experts, who will come and access the situation and give you a way forward. They will tell you whether the shingles are repairable or need replacing. 

However, before repairing, you have to note that their damage had a cause. It is crucial checking the cause of curling or cracking before repairing and replacing the damaged shingles. You have to check if the roofing isn’t well ventilated or if the contractor didn’t properly fix the shingles. 

You need to note that repairing the shingles is a short-term remedy to your roof. For a long-term solution, you have to call the roofing company to inspect your roof and replace the old shingles with new ones. This idea will ultimately solve your roofing problem. 

How to repair curled or cracked shingles

If you have a few damaged shingles, you can repair them without calling the roofing company. You only need to check on their damages and do the temporary repairs. This repair way works better when the shingles are still intact – not cracked and disintegrated. You will need a ladder, roofing nails, a hammer, sealant, and a roofing mastic. 

To repair, lift the damaged shingles, then apply a roofing mastic layer beneath the shingle. Do not apply the mastic to the exposed roof parts. Pin the shingle down, tuck the roofing nails on the curled corners and then apply a weighted brick or stone on top of the shingle and leave for at least 24 hours. Remove the brick once the mastic gets solid. 

This repair procedure is only for a few curled shingles. If there are more damaged shingles, it’s advisable to call the roofing company to do the entire job. You can note how challenging the process will be for a whole batch. It is essential repairing the shingles on time to avoid more damage and leaking of your home roofing. A more extensive damaged section might require replacing the shingles. 

Why you should hire the services of a roofing company to repair or replace your roofing

There are many reasons you will need a roofing company, other than handling the job yourself. The roofing company has all the experience, skills, and knowledge of repairing several damages happening to your roofing. They will give you several options for repairing your roof, depending on your needs and preferences. 

They will also find the issues with your roofing that are making the shingle curl or crack. Any roofing company will work best to ensure they leave your house with proper roofing that will cover your house for years. Roofing experts recommend getting a reputable company with years of experience in roofing. 

As you can see, it is possible to repair the curled or cracked shingles in your home roofing. If you are experiencing this problem, it is crucial to call a roofing company to help you with the process. Besides repairing the roof, they can give you better roofing options that will fit your house, depending on its structure, location, and budget. It would be perfect if you made an appointment with them before deciding what to do with the damaged shingles.