Amazing Snacks You Can Serve During A House Party

Anytime you host a house party, you become so in control of what you shall serve your guests. You are involved in planning for the party from the start and this can make it easy for you to choose the best servings for your guests. After all, you prepare the guests list. You, therefore, know what can interest your guests. If you ever find yourself hosting such a party, here are the amazing snacks you can serve during a house party:


There are many types of cookies you can amaze your guests with during your house party. You can prepare some Galleta cookies, some iced cookies, some cute cookies, or some royal icing cookies. With cookies you can get creative and form different patterns that can impress your guests.  Party planners at Kitchenauthority recommend that you refer to fun fortune cookie sayings if you intend to buy some fortune cookies and choose cookies that have some light sugars and those that are crispy. The best ingredients in good cookies are flour, vanilla, sesame oil, and sugar. As you prepare cookies for your guests, consider the nutritional content. Ensure your guests can derive some calories from the cookies. If your guests don’t like sugar, you can also prepare sugarless cookies.

Brie Mini Bites

You need some melted brie tangy garlic mayonnaise, a roasted apple, and sweet fig to prepare your brie bites. You can be creative with the brie and add some bright red cranberries and spinach to give them a more attractive and appetizing look. Adding spinach will also make the snack very healthy and vegan-friendly. It is easy to prepare the snack as it only takes twenty minutes to be ready yet the taste shall have your guests long for your next house party. Interestingly, you can also prepare the brie two days before the day of the party and they will still retain their quality and flavor. You will only have to warm them for thirty seconds in your microwave and they shall be good to eat. This brie can act as good appetizers for your guests.

Oyster Cheese Logs

It’s common that in winter you make a lot of cheese logs and freeze them for those days when you will need your logs as accompaniments for certain meals. You can serve it with your blend of smoked oysters, nuts, cream cheese, and some chili powder. This combination can make your guests including those that don’t like oysters enjoy the snack and perhaps love oysters thereafter. It can also serve as a good appetizer.

A  Margarita Mousse

You probably love margarita and your guests love it too. Serve your guests with a creamy frozen mousse and combine it with a ready-to-drink margarita mix. You can also use a whipped topping to substitute it. It is a good snack that you can easily put together and once done, your freezer can do the rest. You can garnish your mousse with some crushed pretzels and kosher salt to give it a more salty and sweet flavor.

Arugula Pizza

Pizza is many people’s favorite snack. Anytime you have a house party, this pizza is a good serving that can give you a feeling of oneness as you bond with your friends and family

members. It has such an incredible gourmet touch besides being healthy. 

Some Cucumber Canapes

There are many benefits to eating cucumbers. You can prepare your guests some cucumber canapes and you will have your guests bother you for the recipe. They are sandwiches that are delicate and have some creamy herbs spread on them. You can garnish them with some greens. They are both healthy and tasty and your guests will surely love them.

Don’t forget a Benedictine Dip

Benedictine is a spread that is creamy and contains pieces of chopped cucumbers. You can love it if you are a vegetarian. While it can be used to prepare cucumber sandwiches, you can also use it as a cold dip for some chips, some crackers, and some beautiful spreads. It is a healthy snack that can also serve as an appetizer.

Some Tortilla Pinwheels

Tortilla pinwheel sandwiches are a unique snack that can fascinate your guests. You can prepare the cream cheese pinwheels before the actual party day and freeze them. On the party day, you will only have to slice them before you serve your guests this delicacy. It is a perfect appetizer.

Peanut Butter Thumbprints Will Be A Good Dessert

This is a perfect snack for your guests who have a gluten intolerance. You can make a flourless peanut butter cookie that you can perfect by adding some Nutella and sprinkling some sea salt. They are so tasty and they can serve as a good dessert. They are easy to prepare too.

If you want to impress your friends and family, you may offer appetizers with caviar and you may find Russian Osetra Caviar for Sale Online.

You can serve your guests with the above snacks as they can offer you a good balance. They are healthy snacks that are suitable for your guests whether they are vegetarians or meat lovers. The snacks can have your guests ask you for the recipes. Make your house party count and have your guests long for more house parties at your place.