Cheap Advertising Tactics That Produce Very Effective Results

Advertising can be expensive. If you are still only a small-time business,  it may not be wise to spend lots of money to advertise your products. However, it is also not an option not to promote your brand. So how are you going to balance cost and goals? 

Do not worry! Advertising does not need to be grand and expensive. You can spend little to nothing to let other people know about your business. Here are cheap advertising tactics you can do. 


You can go with a traditional approach. Put up some signages and order cheap banners to put in front of your store. This tactic can catch the attention of customers if done right. 

Make sure that your signages are easy to see. Make them attractive by including important details. You can put up a banner announcing your grand opening or a board where your products are listed. Other exciting announcements like a sale or promo will be easily known by people this way.  

Free WiFi

Advertising is not always about telling people about your business or showing products. You just need them to get into your store first. One way to do that is with free wifi! 

Wifi is so significant in people’s lives these days. Since it can’t be accessible to some people, you can use this to your advantage. Once they see that your store has free wifi, they will enter and see your business. 

It does not matter if their initial reason for going into your store is the wifi because you would still be able to show off your products.


A website will also be a great advertising technique for business starters. You can easily make your site available using online platforms for free. 

With a website, your customers can easily see your products. You can also use your site to improve your online presence. When people search for things related to your brand, the search results can show your website. You have to improve your site’s traffic with proper SEO and content marketing to be the top results. 

Social Media

Having social media accounts will only require effort and zero money. A lot of your customers are constantly using their phones to scroll through their feeds. You can easily plug your business on Facebook or Instagram by posting pictures and videos about your products. 

Social media is also a way for your customers to engage with you. They can also use their social media accounts to advertise to you. Use hashtags, post great photos and creative videos to attract them.   


Your customers can be your tool to gain more customers. Offer people referral commissions if they can find other customers to buy your products. What is excellent with referrals is that you only pay when there is a sure buyer. Possible customers will just see other paid advertisements, but they would not become your brand’s patrons. 

Advertising can be simple but still effective. These tactics are proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money on it. You can be creative in the way you advertise your business. Whatever you do, the important thing is you achieve the goal of promoting products and attracting customers.