Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Doing business has become so popular that future generations will, perhaps, dream of being entrepreneurs, businessmen, and CEOs, rather than being doctors, teachers, and policemen. Indeed, with more than 6 million businesses starting per year, we can definitely call entrepreneurship a trend of the early 21st century. Yet, not everything about starting and doing business is all that simple as only 50% of the businesses live to see their sixth year and only about 30% live until the 10-year mark. So, why is this venture so popular, and how can one get into that 50% of the businesses that manage to keep afloat for some time? Let’s take a look at a couple of professional tips and find out.

Considering All or Nothing

Doing business for the sake of growing is really an all-or-nothing game. You either manage to break through or you simply put things away if they don’t work out how you thought. And when things don’t work out well enough, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up, you just simply have to try again later. In any case, deciding to move further is playing the “all” option of this game and it requires that you consider a lot of things, all of which are vital. Yet, when you start, there’s not much you can afford.

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

Here are some of the things that you should look at and that you will likely be able to pull out in the beginning.

  1.     Produce great online content. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to attract people’s attention. Present some useful information on your blog, post an announcement on your website, or tell your customers about your products a bit more than they expect.
  2.     Increase online presence. Build up your website, engage new social media channels, use them to send out targeted newsletters, and create marketing campaigns. Make sure that any information you put out is localized for the target audience.
  3.     Participate in charitable events. You don’t have to directly sponsor any charity or support such an event with money. Yet, you can sell your products at the charity fair and give out the part of your sales. People will see that you’re doing the business for a good cause and will likely support you more.
  4.     Engage your customers. Offer them a survey, a free webinar or seminar, or embed a small game into your website. People tend to stay with you for longer if they spot the sparks of creativity.
  5.     Make use of social media. Creating a website might be costly but starting a social media page and keeping it active for some time might even be free of charge. Today, lots of businesses effectively utilize social media to get a great start. Considering that it might be free, this is a very good option for those who start.
  6.     Go global. This is a top tip for those who wish to expand without great financial input. Many have their reservations about internationalizing their business, but such an endeavor is far less time-consuming and costly than one may think. If you deal with goods, look into reliable and affordable international shipping options. Also keep in mind that goods like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or food may need to meet additional quality requirements when you wish to ship them internationally. Another major step is getting your website and social media localized to meet the criteria of your target market and sink-up with a local audience. You can delegate localization to a freelance translator, or better yet – a professional translation agency that offers localization. Here are a couple of online translation services you can reach out to when you need localization.
  7.     Outsource. To complete such tasks as web development or logo design, you can use the help of freelancers that don’t usually charge much but can provide the professional result.
  8.     Offer referral promotions. By asking your customers to bring their friends to you can at least double your audience at a cost of only small discounts for those customers who do so. As a turnout, this method is extremely effective and can largely boost sales in no time.
  9.     The use of SEO. As you’ve established your online presence, it’s quite viable to get into the top positions of search engines. Freelance SEO specialists and writers don’t usually charge much for their work, yet, may provide you with some invaluable content.
  10.   Provide only top quality. Do everything you can to ensure that your customers get the best of what you can offer and produce. In case if something goes wrong, provide quality customer support. Reputation can be only done by working hard.

Choosing the “All” Strategy After All

Even if things don’t work out as you planned, and you have to wrap up, there’s still no room for disappointment as every try pays off with experience. If you didn’t make it up on the first try, there is the second one that will get you a bit higher. So, when starting a business, it is important to stay brave, take all the risks you can, and use every tool and method you can.


Henry McDowell is a successful author, researcher, and educator. Throughout many years of studying work, education, and the modern lifestyle, he came to the conclusion that the best way to learn is to share your experience. Learn along with Henry and share this knowledge with people who might need it to never stop exploring new horizons and become a better person.